CCs de Bolivia

Interfaith Ecumenical Movement Indigenous Peoples


Objective: To promote " Qullan Jaqi " - a clean human consciousness - and life in a inter-spiritual, intercultural , ecumenical and interreligious context for the strengthening of a Plurinational Bolivia .


Description: During 2015, the CC organized intercultural encounters in the context of promoting a culture of peace. The CC MEIPI and expanded its goal to reach Qullan Jaqi "Clear Conscience Humanity", are consolidating the Qullan Tapa "Nido de Paz" Center, a center of spiritual healing to restore good cosmic relationship to reach the Suma Qamaña "The Living well ". We do several intercultural encounters with the content of purification therapies, conversion, confirmation and celebration to restore the cosmic coexistence. We believe that the migration created a spiritual vacuum and this vacuum is used by the religion of the market with its consumerist myth has been propagated by the technology of global media.


Primary Contact :
Calixto Q. Huanca
Street Saucarí 1025, Villa August 6 , City High
La Paz, Bolivia
Phone: (591) 706-781-21


Secundary Contact::
José Carlos Quispe Huancaregar
E-mail: E-mail:



Qhana UTA CC


Objective: To reveal the wisdom of their ancient culture by producing and marketing materials that strengthen the identity of people in Bolivia (Bolivia is known as a multinational state, since it contains two other national groups).  


Description: Since 2005, this group has worked together to revive the ancient wisdom of their culture and share this knowledge with the world. They contribute to the process of decolonization, through dialogue and debate, reaffirming a new dawn for Bolivia. Members offer programs and workshops on interreligious and intercultural dialogue, spirituality, education and health. Promote respect and care for the earth, awareness of water scarcity and the danger of global warming.


Primary Contact:
Julian Ticoma Ramon
La Paz, Murillo, Bolivia
Phone: (591) 712-002-90


Secundary Contact::
Hugo Cordero Calisay (Tupakusi)