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Cooperation Circle URI Borborema


Purpose: To work towards the respect and equity of the diverse beliefs in the region, with the promotion and opening of the dialogue; the search for the same spaces and investments in projects of dissemination of the knowledge of each religion; for the creation of the interfaith municipal council, so that the city respects our religious diversity; for the religious discussion in schools and neighborhood entities; the rescue of the Meeting for the New Consciousness, which takes place during the Carnival period; to show that it is possible to live and respect the different forms of manifestation of the Divine.


Description: The Cooperation Circle URI Borborema is composed by a group of people who believe in the interfaith dialogue as a way to promote peace and respect among people of the most diverse beliefs and religions. Sharing these precepts, we have so far presented a religious diversity with Catholics, Umbandists, Hare Krishnas, Spiritualists, Daimists, Kardecists, Bahais and Witches, who have been meeting since March 2018 to share experiences and knowledge of their beliefs.


First Contact:
Emanoella Alves
Mobile/WhatsApp: +55 83 99869-9848

Secondary Contact:



Belo Horizonte CC


Purpose: To promote the principles of URI.


Description: They have developed various activities and events that introduce the principles of URI in communities. The first event was attended by representatives of some thirty religious traditions; a second event had over 500 participants.


Primary Contact:
Md. Aurora Oliveira
Rua Americo Macedo, 782/701 Belo Horizonte
Minas Gerais, Brazil
Phone: + (55) 31 3295 3822
Cell Phone: + (55) 31 9982 7765


Secondary Contact::
Patricia Carvalho
Industrial Rua Jose Costa, 587
Belo Horizonte,  Minas Gerias,
Brazil . 30460-550
Phone: + (55) 31 3371 9802




Campinas CC


Objective: Create a network and show that religions can live, work and celebrate together with the same fundamental values​​, promote peace and unity among religions, and build a more harmonious relationship with the environment.


Description: Once a month joint prayers with members of the Baha'i faith; projects in the Campo Belo neighborhood, helping to build houses for the families of the original group of women trained in the district, taught English classes for children and adolescents, working with the Palandi Celestial School; Celebration of Peace Day, Labor Day and others, in cooperation with the pastoral program of the Catholic Church. Participation in the seminar "Social DNA", in Campinas, in September / 2012, with the presence of some religious traditions such as Buddhism and the Soka Gakkai members, participation in the "Third World Peace Festival" in September, Sao Paulo. For the third consecutive year, attended as guests of the "Southern Presbyterian Seminary" to prepare future ministers to carry out ecumenical and interreligious dialogue. Participated in the nov/2012 URI Brazil retreat when they launched the slogan: "The planet is sacred and it wants peace."

In 2014 participated Bell "Being with the ONLY" organized internationally by Brahma Kumaris, with the presence of various religious traditions.

Celebrate Labor Day in cooperation with the pastoral program of the Catholic Church. Participation in events in the Chamber of Councilmen and the Mayor, as in Day Against Religious Discrimination.

CC members were present at the first visit by an Archbishop to the Jewish Community of Campinas.

For the fourth year were guests of the "Presbyterian Seminary South" to prepare the future ministers to meet ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.

Participating in the Meeting of the URI-Latin America in Santiago, through three members.


Primary Contact:
Mostafá Bartar
Rua João Pedroso, 227 Barao Geraldo
Campinas, SP, Brasil 13.084-583
Business: (55) 19-37466249
Mobile: (55) 19-991160608
Casa: 32890627 E-mail:
Skype: mbartar


Secondary Contact:
Maria Salette Mayer de Aquino
Rua Visconde do Rio Claro, 379
Cid. Univ. II, Barao Geraldo
Campinas, SP, Brasil 13.083-650
Home: (55) 19-3287-0200
Mobile: (55) 19-99276-4413
Skype: salette_aquino




Goiás URI Cooperation Circle


Purpose: To promote the culture of peace, interfaith dialogue and environmental education in ourselves and in our relationship with the world.


Description: In 2013, the CC under the coordination of the Light Zenaida attended the meeting URI in Campinas Brazil and in 2014 began a job advertisement design URI Goiás Goiânia. With these new contacts, we decided to make an annual meeting entitled "Peace and Religions", where our goal is to provide the largest number of religious traditions for this time. The meeting took place on the day 21.09.2014, 9 am-11: 30 pm. The URI CC Goiás, every month, participates, supports and promotes seminars and holistic Circle Portal of Redemption ( chairing meetings where humans can work through experiences, inmates, regardless of their religions content. The meetings focused on the awakening of inner peace. In 2014, the CC participated in two meetings Goias in Goiania Prefecture, one represented by Zenaida of Light and the other represented by Claudia Regina da Silva Luz. At this meeting was discussed the topic: Creating GOIÂNIA Religious Diversity Committee. And in late 2014, Zenaida of Light, representing the CC participated in the regional meeting in Chile.


Primary Contact:
Zenaide da Luz
Teléfono: +(55) 62 9802-5717 / +(55) 62 8302-1562

Páginas internet:


Secondary Contact:
Genivalda Araujo Cravo dos Santos
Rua Lazaro Garcia Lopes QD. 07 LT. 35,
Setor dos Bandeirantes, Trindade, Goiás, 
Brasil  75380-000;
Teléfono: + (55) 62 9113 0193




Curitiba CC


Purpose: To provide a permanent forum for dialogue.


Description: An important moment for this circle of cooperation was the first URI Brazil Assembly held in November 2004. CC Curitiba hosted and organized the event. Since then, this CC in association with the SESI (Industry Social Service), has carried out the sacred waters of the Paraná project.


Primary Contact:
Regina M. Bueno
Rua Pedro Viriato Parigot de Souza
Curitiba, Brazil 80200-100


Secondary Contact:
Silvio Espindola
Rua Visconde de Rio Branco
Curitiba, Brazil 1335




Fé-menina CC


Purpose: Revive the feminine principle in religious, spiritual and indigenous traditions.


Description: Activities include meetings with members of various religious, spiritual and indigenous traditions, to reflect on how the feminine is expressed in each institution. The future plans include publishing a book with prayers and meditations on the female and see how to heal and celebrate the feminine.


Primary Contact:
Marly Pedra
Rua Dr. Luiz Azevedo Filho
Filho, 38 - Vila Mariana
São Paulo, SP, Brazil 04044-050
Office+ (55) 11 5078 8093


Secondary Contact:
Celuta L. Wagner Santos
Casa-Urusvati-Rua Dr. Luis Azevedo Filho, 38 - Vila Clementino
Sao Paulo, Brazil 04044-050
Office+ (55) 11 2578 7254
Phone: + (55) 11 3749 1667
Cell Phone: + (55) 11 8558 8358




Inter-Religious Group Sào Paulo CC


Objective: To develop interfaith dialogue between religious and spiritual leaders in the city, and show solidarity with the poor of the community, taking steps to help them overcome their circumstances.


Description: In the last year, they have promoted interfaith cooperation and dialogue in Brazil. They also expanded their activities to other areas of the country. Through their participation in these events and activities, they have found that cohabitation is beneficial and inspiring, and they realized that through religion and spirituality it is possible to build a culture of peace. Actively participated in the creation of a Parliamentary Council of Peace. Now one of their priorities is to create a space for URI young people and focus on public education as a way to spread a culture of peace. In 2012 regular meetings, participated in the cultural event "The revelation of Sao Paulo", covering more than 200 municipalities in the "Rio + 20" and the campaign "The planet is sacred and wants peace."


Primary Contact:
Rev. Elias de Andrade Pinto
Pe Rua. Claudio Gomes, 82 Apto. 12-A, São Paulo,
Brasil Zip code: 03590-020
Cell Phone: + (55) 11 9 8338 5700
Phone: + (55) 11 5587 2223


Secondary Contact:
Marly Pedra e Paullo Santos
Rua Dr. Luiz Azevedo Filho, 38 - Vila Mariana, São Paulo, Brasil
Zip code: 04044-050
Cell Phone: + (55) 11 9 9167 4202
E-mail 2:




Rio Inter-Religious Movement CC (MIR)


Objective: Collect and promote dialogue among religious groups in Rio de Janeiro. Organize interfaith social action and solidarity campaigns.


Description: They are aware that spirituality is the way to overcome the ethical challenges of the 21st century . They bring together the historical religions, traditions and spiritual movements, aware of the profound changes in the values ​​that arise in today's world. In this context, serious problems can only be addressed through a rediscovery of the unity between all beings and cultures, despite their differences. Their initiatives and priorities reflect the common sense of over twenty historical religions, traditions and spiritual movements that have participated in the movement for ten years. Through their representatives, a wide network of alliances and friendships constituted the city’s participation in the circles of solidarity and peace, from Rio to Brazil to the world . It is a project of ISER - Institute of Religious Studies, an NGO, based for thirty-five years in the city of Rio de Janeiro. A memorable sample of their activities is an annual event called "The Holy People" that unites many religious and spiritual groups for three days for interreligious dialogue , exchange of experiences and different activities with the public. CC MIR is also a board member of the Tijuca Forest National Park and coordinates work related to environmental awareness groups that perform sacred practices within the forest. They hold monthly meetings to bring together members and organize MIR agenda and schedule of activities.


Primary Contact:
Maria das Graças de Oliveira Nascimento
Rua Siqueira Campos, 230, apto 303, Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
Zip code: 22031-072
Teléfono: +55 21 2549-7518
Móvil: +55 21 99722-1989


Secondary Contact: 
Alice Gress
Rua Professor Luiz Cantanhede, 77, apto 604, Bairro Laranjeiras
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
Zip code: 22245-040
Teléfono: +55 21 2557-2467
Móvil: +55 21 98522-1292






Objective: To develop interfaith dialogue between religious and spiritual leaders in the city, and show solidarity with the poor in the community, taking steps to help them overcome their circumstances.


Description: BRAZIL UNISOES was created in 1989. In 1990 a public event entitled "Union (cooperation) for a Better World" was organized, with 800 participants. In 1999, at the first URI Meeting in Brazil, our CC members were invited to join representatives from Salvador and São Paulo and were inspired by the vision of the Charter of the URI. In August 2005, after participating in interfaith events in Salvador (BA), the Archdiocese of Salvador BRAZIL invited UNISOES to participate in the Meeting of Religions of the city with the representative of Pope Benedict XVI - Bishop Michael Fitzgerald (Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Vatican). We are proud of our 23-year success story. Our main hope for the future is to promote true integration between all spiritualists, philosophical, scientific and religious organizations. This is our mission.  


Primary Contact:
Ernesto Cardoso
Rua Lord Cochrane n. 17 Apto. 501 - Barra - Salvador-Bahia-
Brazil CEP 40140-070
Office+ (55) 7132 64 2342
Cell Phone: + (55) 7191 94 2118


Secondary Contact:
Ana Santos
Cell Phone: + (55) 71 3234 3689




URI Brasilia CC


Objective: To promote harmony between the religions and expressions of people, emphasizing the importance of the primary spiritual quest and the platform of divine consciousness as a means to obtain lasting peace and universal brotherhood.  


Description: The Action Plan 2010-2011 included: interreligious meeting the National Day of Struggle against religious intolerance, events and public debates in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about Baha'is in Iran, mobilization for the consolidation of the entity which will deal with the Federal District government on the subject of Religious Education, support for the Center for Promotion and Defense of Human Rights, religious diversity - CRDHDR, for actions in Brasilia and make contact in other states, the Forum for religious diversity of the DF and discussion and articulation of the General Law of Religions currently being processed in the Senate.


Primary Contact:
Elianildo da Silva Nascimento
Tel: 55 61 9633.8420
E-Mail: /


Secondary Contact: 
Marina Krieger
(The religion of God)
Tel: + 55 61 9814-4582
URI Brasilia
Attention Marina Krieger
IQ 08 - September V - House 03 - I Guara
Brasília / DF
CEP: 71010-225




CC Comunidade Tao Judaica.



CC Wise and Wise / Elderly and Elderly of Latin America & the Caribbean




Description: The Circle of Cooperation of Wise and Wise / Elderly and Elderly of Latin America & the Caribbean has as objective the exchange of experiences and the integration of the knowledge of the former Councilors of the Global Council of Latin America and the Caribbean to keep the commitment alive with the URI Charter and to inspire the current Directors in this Global Council.

The CC of the Wise and Wise / Elderly and Elderly of Latin America & the Caribbean is composed of representatives of the following religions or spiritual traditions: universalists / spiritualists, Jews, indigenous worldview, Catholics, Presbyterians.


Main contact:
Genivalda Cravo
E-Mail: /


Secondary Contact:
Alejandrino Quispe



CC Caminhos da Terra


Description: The Caminhos da Terra Cooperation Circle aims to awaken consciences to a world of peace and unity among all the people and nations of the Earth. This CC is made up of members of different religions and spiritual traditions, such as: Catholicism, Christianity, Shamanism, Spiritualists, Umbanda, Universalists, among others.


Main contact:
Isabel Cristina Medeiros