CCs de Chile

Melirrewe Mogen Cooperation Circle


Objective: Dignify and reveal Mapuche medicine in the recovery of integral health, coexisting respectfully and in collaboration with their knowledge.


Description: This CC is formed by the association of Machis (women healers) of Temuco and parents of the houses. Some members practice the Mapuche Indigenous Worldview, others also the Catholic and Evangelical religion. For eight years, this group has a spiritual ground, Melirewe Mapu which is a Mapuche ceremonial center built by machi, lonco and community of the four orientations: Pikun Mapu, Lafken Mapu, Willi Mapu, Puel Mapu. Guillatuwe. They have other designated spaces for each activity, they run ancestral medicine seminars, traditional games, medical rounds, initiative with children and collaboration with the medical school. For the future we plan to continue doing what we are doing and expand it around the world.


First Contact:
Marcia Valeria Jaramillo Navarrete
Cell Phone: +56 991780212

Secondary Contact:
Aniceto Rodrigo Lleuful Pichiñan
Phone: +569 65 2 754360
Cell Phone: +569 53579486



Santiago Spiritual Forum for Peace CC


Objective: The Santiago Spiritual Forum for Peace is an informal group of people linked to institutions working from different perspectives in promoting peace in the social, family and personal realms. Its main purpose is to serve as a place for meeting, dialogue and consensus on action, with full respect for the various spiritual orientations and values of its members. The Forum has been active since its formation in July 1996. Since July 2001 the Forum has been associated with URI ( United Religions Initiative ) as a Cooperation Circle.


Description: The 2015, el Foro tiene 30 miembros asociados 22 organizaciones basadas en la fe that cubren un magnify tradiciones espirituales spectrum. En sus activities suelen participants representing el Buddhism (Tibetan, Zen y Mahayana), el Christianity (Catholic, Orthodox, y las iglesias mainline Protestant Pentecostal y), the Faith Bahai, el Islam (Shiite Sunni tradiciones y), el Judaism, el Sikhism, la indigenous Mapuche spiritual tradición y la Universidad Spiritual Brahma Kumaris. El Foro performs mensuales encuentros to sus miembros en los que siempre hay tiempo to oración / meditation, reflexión on interés común themes, coordinación activities y share food. Estos encuentros if realizan en las headquarters de las organizaciones Asociadas al Forum. El reflexión theme for 2014 fue "Sexuality y human love from different perspectives espirituales the religious." La main actividad abierta hacia la poblacion del Foro de Santiago es una "interreligious Day of oración" con la we celebrate el Día Internacional de la Paz (21 de Septiembre). This celebración viene realizándose todos los años desde el 2006. (Un abstract of dicha actividad en 2014 en puede verse).


First Contact:
Raúl Rosales (Coordinator)
Office phone: +(56)226 34 1804
Cell phone and WhatsApp: +(56)9 9162 7419

Secondary Contact:
Gerardo González Cortés (Coordinator)
9440 Emerald Way
Vitacura, Santiago, Chile
Office Phone + (56) 222 18 0620
Home Phone: + (56) 222 18 5578
Cell Phone: + (56) 9 9888 9749
Skype: Gerardo.gonzalez97


Aflaiai CC


Purpose: Working together for the healing of the Earth, the recovery of original spirituality, language, dress and cuisine.


Description: To promote their culture, their values ​​and their native language to enrich the community. The celebration of Indigenous women has been a highlight of his work: it is a spiritual ceremony that expresses gratitude for health.


Primary Contact:
Sofía Painiqueo
Arturo Prat No. 305,
Lumaco, Chile
Post Code: 045
Cell Phone: + (56) 684 77805
Phone: + (56) 222 180 620


Secondary Contact:
Ilwen Leviñir
Temuco, Chile