CCs de Panamá

Kuna Women Artisans ( MUKUA ) CC


Objective: To improve the quality of life of the Kuna women through the sale of handicrafts. To help the Kuna women preserve their indigenous knowledge and care of Mother Earth.


Description: They provide support to the Kuna community , supporting their wives , who have the opportunity to work in business or have a salary . Many of them are single mothers. They conduct training workshops designed to teach and educate on how to start a small workshop and create markets without intermediaries. They also promote dialogue among people of different religions and learn together how to deal with the challenges. In the past, they organized seminars on the protection of indigenous knowledge. Participation is important so that indigenous women are taken into account, creating opportunities to tell about their experiences through URI and work in the CC.


Primary Contact:
Fany Avila
P.O. Box 0843-02027, Balboa, Ancon
Panama , Republic of Panama

Phone: + (50) 7 25 06 193
(50) 7 69 816 056



Secondary Contact:
Fany González

Phone: + (50) 7 39 07 065
Cell Phone: + (50) 7 60 708 219