CCs de Perú

Ccampanalla Cooperation Circle


Objective: To form people for a better coexistence, to have peace in ourselves and with society to have changes in our community, in our country and in the world.


Description: This CC gathers members who practice the Quechua Indigenous Cosmovision, the Catholic and Evangelical religion. Our dream to bring about a change in the world is to try to reach consensus on the theme of spirituality through the word, of understanding, of the intercultural exchange of decorations at a universal level.


First Contact:
Victor Sadam Machuca Ramos
Cell Phone: +51 952770529

Secondary Contact:
Wilian Alfredo Ramos Quincho



Amarú CC


Objective: To grow and contribute to URI in shaping enduring religious practices in everyday life , with the belief that this will help maintain a culture of peace .


Description:Visits to different schools in the districts of San José de Ticllas, Acos Vinchos and Pacaycasa , located in the province of Huamanga , Ayacucho Region - Peru . Extending the usefulness of interfaith practice as a way to prevent conflict, to tell the children and youth in primary and secondary levels, about their CC experiences with the three religions that make up the CC: indigenous world view, Catholic and Evangelical churches, and the work that URI carries out in LAC and other regions of the world, as a global institution.

The meetings with the youth of the community to revalue the indigenous world, inviting them to participate in rituals organized by the CC under the guidance and voice of Alexandrian Quispe Mejia currently Regional Director of LA & C and member of the Indian Council's LA & C Executive .

We had a radio program on Saturdays from 7-8 am in Quechua and Sunday from 7-8 pm in Spanish, in Local frequency , 107.3 FM, whose audience reaches more than 5,000 people or so, as the Ayacucho city has over 28,000 inhabitants.
The program talks about URI’s plans, programs and objectives, on the work of the CC's that run URI cells . The program included a review of the principles of different religions, beginning with the Jewish tradition, one of the first religions in the world.


Primary Contact:
Alejandrino Quispe
Jirón: Juan Espinoza Medrano Nº 103, Ayacucho, Perú
Phone : + (51) 66 31 5054
Cell Phone: + (51) 96 680 1517
Skype: aquispemejía.





Objective: To join efforts in human rights, peace, social justice and inclusion, of cooperation between religions and ancient wisdom.


Description: Members are undertaking commitments to networks and new members due to the vision they have of the LIMA URI CC. They are interested in the Afro-Peruvian community with whom they have concluded agreements for reflection and action. Similarly, they continue their relationship with the Peruvian Network of Women Living with HIV and cooperate in important workshops. They have been invited by a technical team of the Congress of the Republic of Peru in relation to policies regarding the water situation. They are also involved in the fight against violence in all its forms. They have participated in various events that express their interfaith and interreligious commitment to combat all forms of discrimination and social exclusion, such as the Gay Pride March and the 5th Convention of the International Association of Families for sexual diversity


Primary Contact:
Rev. David Limo , ss.aa.
Cel. MOVIS (51) 995-655990 / (51) 985-468239 Cel. RPC (51) 968-217057
Portal Global:
Teléfono: + (51) 1 1526 5533






Objective: Defend life and learn how religions can coexist.


Description: The members have written articles that address difficult situations in their country. This is very important, as they present different points of view, giving a broader approach to current issues related to ethnic minorities. The future plan includes the production of an online magazine.


Primary Contact:

Phone: (51) 966720080


Secondary Contact:





Council on American Indian Spirituality AC CC


Objective: To spread the wisdom of indigenous culture, seen from an academic perspective, cosmic and with practical sense.


Description: The CISEI brings together scholars, scientists and indigenous leaders to reflect on multiculturalism, the environment and promote a wider worldview. This association which aims to revitalize the spiritual heritage of indigenous peoples, supports both indigenous and non-indigenous people. In November 2012, we conducted the Seventh Forum on Indigenous Spirituality: Honoring Grandfather Fire, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. CISEI has published three books with the contents of the Forums held. .


Primary Contact:
Vilma Diaz y Zárate
Jufre 705
Buenos Aires, Argentina 1414
Office+ (54) 1147 77 1130
Phone: + (54) 1147 73 0460


Secondary Contact
Marina Villalobos
Eucaliptos # 74, Balcones de Santa María
Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico C.P. 58090
Phone: + (52) 443 3 23 60 00
Cell Phone:+ (52) 1 443 318 18 00