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Kuxkatan CC, El Salvador

30 / Abril / 2017


Members of the CC Kuxkatan of El Salvador participating in the Pilgrimage of India on Holy Thursday, 2017. It is believed that it has been in our fog since 1600, a devotional that is rooted in our spirituality today and that we maintain the tradition to strengthen our cultural identity.

Sent by Juan Rojas, first contact of CC Kuxkatan



INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL A Song for Peace - Facundo Cabral Award.

28 / Abril / 2017


The second edition of the International Festival "A SONG FOR PEACE - Facundo Cabral Prize", which brings together twelve musicians whose songs promote Human Rights and the Culture of Peace, will be held May 12-14. The artists come from five countries (Venezuela, Chile , Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.) On that occasion, the composer Gilberto Gil will be honored with the Facundo Cabral Prize.

The Festival appeared under the motivation to "educate for peace from the art" and its first edition occurred in August of 2016 in Buenos Aires. With the Festival having a traveling character, Brazil was chosen to host its second edition. There were 46 entries and the 24 most voted on the internet were submitted to a jury, which selected the twelve musicians who will perform in São Luiz do Paraitinga. They are: Alfonso Lirikowsky (Mexico), Andreamaria (Venezuela), Adrián García (Colombia), Ángel Díaz (Venezuela), Constanza Liz (Venezuela), Fernando Salazar Wagner (Colombia), Gerardo Ochoa (Mexico), Guilherme Moscardini , Jairo Morán (Venezuela), Loreto Lorca (Chile), Manu Saggioro (Brazil) and Rodrigo Régis (Brazil). The event will count on the participation of other Brazilian bands and musicians: Moreno Overá, Coral of Aldeia Araponga, Ieda Terra and Banda Dragonfly and Banda Lume de Paraitinga. Full schedule on attached flyer.


The United Religions Initiative (URI - is a body born out of a UN invitation to an Anglican Bishop in 1995 to organize an interreligious act commemorating the 50th anniversary of the creation of the United Nations. Today, URI is the worlds largest inter-religious network, present in 100 countries, with 840 Circles of Cooperation, congregating more than 100 different religious expressions and directly reaching 800,000 people. The purpose of the URI is to promote interreligious cooperation to create a culture of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living things.

The URI has a Global Council of thirty members, three from Latin America and the Caribbean ( Currently the Latin American representatives are: Pastor David Limo (Peru), indigenous leader Sofia Painiqueo (Chile) and Catholic Salette Aquino (Brazil).


Facundo Cabral was a singer and composer, writer, free thinker, draftsman, comedian, mystic, world folklorist, preacher, world traveler and world-renowned philosopher. He was born in Argentina in 1937. He had a difficult childhood: an alcoholic since he was 9 years old, he is placed in a reformatory and soon after is arrested at the age of 14. It is in this environment that he meets a Jesuit priest who taught him to read and write, showing him the world of universal literature. This encouraged him to pursue his primary and secondary studies. One year after leaving the jail he starts to wander the streets. In his own words: "On February 24, 1954, a beggar recited the Sermon on the Mount and discovered I was being born. I ran to write a lullaby," Fly Low, "and it all began.

His most famous song "Im not from here, ni soy de lá" was recorded in nine languages by singers of the level of Alberto Cortez, Julio Iglesias, Pedro Vargas and Neil Diamond. In 2009 he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2011, while touring Central America, he was accidentally killed, the victim of an attack directed at a Nicaraguan businessman.

"You have a brain like Einstein, you have a heart like Jesus, you have two hands like Mother Teresa, you have the will like Moses, you have a soul like Gandhi, you have a spirit like Buddha. So: How can you feel poor and miserable? "(FACUNDO CABRAL)


It is a city listed by the Historical Patrimony, has 11,000 inhabitants, of which 600 are professional musicians. It is a tourist town with events related to the arts, folklore and religiosity. Holds music festivals for more than 20 years. It has one of the most renowned carnivals in Brazil, with an audience of up to 100,000 people, and a Feast of the Divine Holy Spirit, consecrated over 200 years ago, attended by about forty thousand people. The city has an expressive number of artisans, poets and activities linked to sustainability. In the District, there are several waterfalls and a national park. The Municipality of São Luiz do Paraitinga, through the Municipal Secretary of Culture, offered a sound and light structure for the Festival, as well as free public places to host the event. The Festival is also receiving support from several inns and restaurants.


Objective 1 (out of 17) that the UN hopes to achieve by 2030 is "to end poverty in all its forms, everywhere." I hope to be able to alleviate poverty of culture and promote education for peace, through the possibility of integration between nations, races and creeds, that our Festival naturally stimulates and attracts! Music is one of the greatest educational methods available and, with this Festival, I want to potentialize the good that music can cause to all of humanity. I believe that we can gradually make a peaceful revolution, in the sense of incorporating high concepts of ethics and cultures of peace into the mainstream media and music market.


Moreno Overá: (19) 98433-6416

Salette Aquino: (19) 99276-4413

Deivid Gomes: (19) 99103-0301

A Song for Peace Festival – Facundo Cabral Award – Tribute to Gilberto Gil

São Luiz do Paraitinga – São Paulo – Brazil


Friday, May 12, 2017 – Doctor Oswaldo Cruz Square, Elpídio dos Santos Bandstand

7 pm - Opening Ceremony

- Mayorof São Luiz do Paraitinga - Ana Lúcia BilardSicherle;

- Coordinator of the Festival "A Song for Peace" - Moreno Overá;

- Coordinator of URI Latin America - EnoéTexier, Ph.D.;

- URI Global Council Trustees: Salette Aquino, Sofia Painiqueo and David Limo;

- Ceremonial: Mostafa Bartar, Coordinator of the Campinas Cooperation Circle.

- Tribute to Facundo Cabral and Gilberto Gil: Musical Presentation by Gerardo Ochoa, from Mexico, highlight of the first edition of the "A Song for Peace" Festival and Moreno Overá, coordinator of this second edition.

8:30 pm - Show with IedaTerra and LibélulaBand

Saturday, May 13, 2017

10 am - Interfaith table "The role of religions in building a culture of peace" (Nelsinho Rodrigues Cultural Center)

With participation of local religious leaders, representatives of URI Global, URI Latin America and Caribbean, URI members from several cities of Brazil and local people from São Luiz do Paraitinga. Participation opened to the whole community.

2 - 8 pm - Presentation of the musicians participating in the II Festival "A Song for Peace" (Doctor Oswaldo Cruz Square, Elpídio dos Santos Bandstand)

12 musicians, 20 minutes of stage for each (2 to 3 songs).

Adrián García (Colombia); Alfonso Lirikowsky (Mexico); Andreamaria (Venezuela); Ángel Díaz (Venezuela); Constanza Liz (Venezuela); Fernando Salazar Wagner (Colombia); Gerardo Ochoa (Mexico); Guilherme Moscardini (Brazil); Jairo Morán (Venezuela); Loreto Lorca (Chile); Manu Saggioro (Brazil); Rodrigo Regis (Brazil).

8 pm - Show with Lume de ParaitingaBand

Sunday, May 14, 2017 – Doctor Oswaldo Cruz Square, Elpídio dos Santos Bandstand

10 am - Closing Ceremony

Presence of all the musicians, guests and a representative of the honored Gilberto Gil for the delivery of the Facundo Cabral Award to Gilberto Gil. The Festival musicians sing together songs of Facundo Cabral and Gilberto Gil.

11 am - Indigenous Music Presentation and Closing Celebration(Nelsinho Rodrigues Cultural Center)



An example for politicians of the rest of the world: oneness, equality and honesty.

20 / Abril / 2017


In the West African country of Benin, a chief of the Fula people is focusing on the unity of the diverse populations of his land.

This position of moral and customary authority for the approximately 100,000 Fulani living in the area is held by a Baha’i. High Chief Djaouga Abdoulaye, a 76-year-old retired school teacher.

Speaking about the influence of the Baha’i Teachings in his life, High Chief Djaouga said that the principles of the oneness of humanity and the equality of men and women, guided by a high moral standard, have inspired his understanding of leadership.

His commitment to justice and hope for strengthening unity comes through in his decisions. The High Chief’s court has emerged as a place his subjects can turn to for the resolution of conflicts, where the wealthy will not receive special favors, where bribery has no place, and where one’s social position will not influence the decision.

Mostafa Bartar



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