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Youth Meeting
CC Community Tao Judaica

At the end of the month of December, the beginning of the month of January, the
International Youth Event, organized by the same young people of the Sakro Akuarius Vegetable Temple of the Andes - Santander Colômbia.
Within the Community the kastesakro is spoken, which is a Kabbalistic mantric language.
Mara, Tao Judaíca CC - Brazil






Climate Change and Spirituality  

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil | October 27-30, 2017


The 4th URI Brazil MCC Meeting was held together with the 1st International Meeting “The Planet is Sacred and Wants Peace”, organized by the House of United Religions, an interfaith organization that gathers religious, spiritual and indigenous traditions as well as other interfaith movements, headed by three URI Brazilian CCs: UNISOES CC - Union of Spiritualist, Philosophical, Scientific and Religious Societies, São Paulo CC and Fé Menina CC. It was the second time URI Brazil MCC held what we call a sustainable funding event, where URI Regional Office contributes with a given amount and CCs also mobilize to contribute with funding. The 3 mentioned CCs, led by Ana Santos, Elias Andrade, Marly Pedra e Célia Regina organized raising funds activities to make the event possible, counting also on the organizational and financial support of the Global Council Trustee Salette Aquino. The representatives of the other Brazilian CCs contributed with the cost of some of their expenses. Representatives of several traditions and organizations were present. Among the international invitees were Enoé Texier - URI coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean; Oscar Gámez - volunteer collaborator at the Dialogue CC, Venezuela; and Monica Willard - URI representative at the United Nations Organization, in New York City, USA. Deivid Gomes, Regional Coordination Assistant, assisted Monica with simultaneous translations throughout the event.  

You can download the full report Here


Next Saturday, December 16, 2017, our Director of Support for CCs Maria Eugenia Crespo will be participating in the event Chanukah & Christmas: A meeting with all the lights in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.





Dear Multiregion Cooperation Circles,

Following on the heels of an historic regional leadership gathering and looking ahead to 2018, I want to pause to share with you some exciting developments for our region of URI.

From November 13-17, individuals from seven different countries came together at Kashi Ashram in Sebastian Florida for the first gathering of Multiregion leadership in five years. The purpose of this retreat was to organize our leadership and collaboratively strategize about goals and objectives for the Multiregion in 2018. Above the mantle in our meeting space we hung a large banner that said "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CCs." In all our conversations and activities, every day, we brought to the forefront you: the 57 Cooperation Circles in the Multiregion, and continually asked ourselves what would serve your best interests.


From this gathering has emerged something extraordinary: an expanded and empowered leadership team that has chosen to call themselves The Baraza. Baraza is a Swahili term meaning council or assembly. These five young leaders come from Malaysia, Kenya, Argentina, India and USA. They each represent one or more CCs and bring to the team remarkable talents, skills and passions. The five members of the Baraza will serve as strategic anchor points across our global region, and work alongside the Regional Coordinator to energize, grow, connect and support the Multiregion CC network.

Together with the three Global Council trustees and the RC, this group of nine now serves as the Multiregion Leadership Council.


I feel deep gratitude to the three Global Council trustees of the Multiregion: Suchith Abeyewickreme, Elana Rozenmand and Audri Scott Williams, for their guidance, wisdom and insight throughout the retreat and in the past year. With the creation of the Baraza, these three who have served as de facto support staff in the Multiregion, can now transition back to their intended duties of providing mission-based leadership and governance. 

I am also grateful for the presence of Karen Watson, CC leader of the LGBTQ CC in Multiregion, and Jaya Priya Reinhalter, URI staff, in our midst. It is thanks to Jaya, who grew up at Kashi Ashram, that our group was able to make use of the extraordinary ChoZen Retreat adjacent to Kashi and benefit from the tremendous generosity of their staff and unparalleled beauty and sanctity of the space around us. 
The Multiregion is poised for creative, collaborative, experimental work in 2018, thanks to the expanded capacity of our leadership team. We carry you, the CCs of the Multiregion, with us into 2018 and are hopeful about increased connectivity, collaboration and support. Stay tuned for more information and request for feedback regarding our 2018 work plan in the weeks ahead. 

In peace, 

  • Frederica Helmiere, Regional Coordinator (Seattle, USA)


  • Suchith Abeyewickreme, Global Council Trustee (Sri Lanka)
  • Sowmya Ayyar, Baraza (India)
  • Kate Kiama, Baraza (Kenya)
  • Vincent Leong, Baraza (Malaysia)
  • Francisco Morales, Baraza (Argentina)
  • Mikuak Rai, Baraza (Washington D.C., USA)
  • Elana Rozenman, Global Council Trustee (Israel)
  • Audri Scott Williams, Global Council Trustee (Alabama, USA)



Regretfully, our Global Trustee Salette Aquino reports the passing death of Phyllis Reill, who recently produced the 75 bags with the URI symbol for the members of the network and which were delivered in Sarajevo.

 Yesterday, 5 -12- 2017, God called her to be by her side. They spent 90 years dedicated to art and love for others. Thank you Phyllis for your example!

Kuxkatan Report






For a Cultural Transformation from the Ancestral Peoples of

Latin America for a change of consciousness and return to Earth.



8, 9 and 10 of December. ROSARIO 2017


PLACE: Rosa Ziperovich Educational Complex. Intercultural and Bilingual School "Taigoye", street: Av. Sabin (Travesía) N ° 1199 bis and J. B. Justo, North District of Rosario. Santa Fe.

FRIDAY 8. Late night arrival of the Indigenous sisters.

SATURDAY 9. Only for Indigenous Women.

From 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Opening with SPIRITUAL CEREMONY.

From 8 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. Breakfast.


 From 8.30 to 10.00. Workshop: "Woman and Female Spirituality". Opening of the theme in 3 ': Luisa and Dorita.

  From 10 am to 12 noon. Workshop: "Rights of Indigenous Women". Opening of the theme in 3 ': Ofelia and Griselda.

From 12.00 to 13.30hs. Workshop: "The Mother Tongues". Opening 3 ', Ofelia.

From 13.30 to 14.15hs. LUNCH


From 14:30 to 16:00. Workshop: "EDUCATION". Opening of the theme in 3 ': Cecilia and Ofelia.

From 4 a.m. to 6 p.m. Workshop: "HEALTH". Opening of the theme in 3 ': Analia and Griselda.

From 6:00 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. SNACK.

From 18.15 to 20.00. Workshop: "PRODUCTION and WORK". Opening of the theme in 3 ': Cristina and Ruperta.

From 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. DINNER.

From 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. MUSIC and AUTOMATIC SONGS.

10:00 p.m. BREAK

SUNDAY 10. Open for non-indigenous women.

From 8 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. BREAKFAST.

 From 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Workshop: "POLITICS, INDIGENOUS FEMALE PARTICIPATION". Opening of the theme in 3 ': Pablo and Luisa.

From 11 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. WRITING OF THE CONCLUSIONS.


From 11.45 to 12.00. LETTER OF CONCLUSIONS


Contact: e-mail:,,,,

Telef. Mobile: (011) 1541 708039, Telef. Mobile (0341) 380 5399, Telef. Mobile (0341) 267-5941

<> Collaboration: bring 1 non-perishable food or its equivalent to buy fresh product for lunch and / or dinner.

<> Bus line: 106 green; 106 red; 102 red (get off at J. B. Justo y Travesía); 146 (get off at Travesía and J. José Paso



Tiawanaku, Plurinational State of Bolivia, 21-22 September 2017. 

October 2015, Juan Nelson Rojas attended the Parliament of World Religions, Utah, USA, while participating in the First Nations Agenda he met two Global Councilors from the United Religions Initiative (URI) who invited him to become a member of such global network. 

Back in El Salvador, his home country, he reported back to the native communities that he belongs to, the development and outcome of such gathering in Utah, as well as the invitation he received from URIʹs global councilors to form a Cooperation Circle (CC) with indigenous cosmovisions and then join the Regional Indigenous Council of URI in Latin America and the Caribbean (ALC).  

Following URI guidelines the Cooperation Circle Kuxkatan was added to the Latin America and Caribbean Network in December 2015, incorporating three native spiritual traditions or cosmovisions which exist in El Salvador, Nahuat Pipil, Kakawira and Catholic guilds. 

Last June 2017, the Regional Indigenous Council of URI-ALC launched an invitation to the Indigenous Circles of Cooperation to hold a member’sʹ assembly in the Sacred Site of Tiawanaku, Plurinational State of Bolivia, and together commemorate the International Day for Peace on the 21st of September blending it with the Aymara Situwa Celebration (Purification Ceremony). 

The CC Kuxkatan was represented in such an important spiritual council by its coordinator Juan Nelson Rojas, thanks to generous donations by CIR from Germany and Northern Ice from Canada which covered air transportation and basic expenses. 

Therefore the following is a narration and translation of the development and outcomes of such gathering from Juan’s experience and perspective. 
Delegations from seven countries managed to attend the forum, first nation representatives came from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Peru. The development of this encounter is as follow: 

Kuxkatan Report

The first transcendental activity was the public celebration of the International Day for Peace at the main square of the City of El Alto, in where the special guest was the Regional Indigenous Council, followed by Aymara Spiritual Authorities, Government Representatives, Religious and Civilian Society Leadership surrounded by the public. 

An ancestral ceremony of prayer and offering to the Great Spirit opened the event, the joyful welcoming by the Spiritual and Civilian Local Authorities gave way for the peaceful words given by every native representative who cherished the International Day for Peace, but also exposed the challenges that the First Nations concept of peace confront with the peace belief of the Western World System imposed by the Colonial States in the two third worlds. 

The fraternal gathering concluded with a dance festival, food and cultural exchange among the public, the whole activity got national media coverage by radio and TV. 
At midday the work assembly started at a conference room of a hotel in the vicinity of Tiawanaku, following are some excerpts of the program; 


  • Two of the URI-ALC Global Counselors, Anglican Rev. David Limo from Peru and Indigenous Regional Council Spokeswoman Sofia Painiqueo from Chile, attended the conclave given the importance it incorporates for the future of the continental network.
  • A get to know each other sessions followed  in where 11 CCs out of the continental affiliated 14 CCs were present, they shared the road they have followed within URI-ALC, expectations, frustrations, assertions, gains, difficulties, etc. Every intervention described in details the ecumenical work developed at their territorial circumscription, contributing to the spread of the beautiful values, principles and guidelines of URI.
  • A brilliant time came after knowing roughly each other, the opportunity to get to know the Spiritual Cosmo vision that came in each one of the participants, the ups and downs of the spiritual practices, the misunderstanding and false conception that mainstream religions have towards our belief system and way of life, and above all the hope that shines onto the natural disconnected humankind to reconnect with the sacred looking at our ancient code of behavior.
  • Therefore a debate was opened up signaling the organizational mistakes, misconceptions of beliefs, and lack of understanding of the spiritual diversity within URI-ALC network that has led to disperse the strong spiritual energy of our union.  Such sacred gift requires from every one of us and special our RIC to devote more efforts towards the urgent compromise to peace in the world at war.
  • In synthesis the native network of CCs under the umbrella of RIC agreed to step up in the latter of commitments acquiring a new organizational expression in order to become a Multiple Circle of Cooperation- Regional Indigenous Council at URI-ALC. Assuming that this way will give a better dynamic of cooperation and relationship due to the autonomy implied in it, stretching spiritual relations in the fourth directions. 

Finally we declared that it is a common concern among the RIC of the franc deterioration that Pachamama is undergoing, its suffering is endured as a heavy burden on top of its creatures, therefore we are called as religious community to act urgently next with her to stop the collective human suicide prescribed by the filthy rich Aliens who are destroying life as we’d know it.

Kuxkatan Report

Accord from the International Gathering of the Regional Indigenous Council  


  1. The plan of action agreed at the international gathering set up that all the CCs dealing with indigenous spiritual traditions and cosmovisions in the Abya Yala continent will be placed and coordinated by the Multiple Cooperation Circle of the Regional Indigenous Council (MCC-CIR).
  2. In the short term we expect to set up regular audio visual communication sessions. 
  3. All members commit to hold 4 assembly meetings a year at a local, zonal or country level.  Those spiritual gatherings aim to celebrate life at the Equinox and solstices dates in a way that everybody send and receive energetic connection by synchronizing their respective ceremony.
  4. A regional gathering is intended to take place somewhere in Abya Yala in the next two years starting from this date. 

Other important achievements at the Regional Indigenous Council gathering: 

  1. The strengthening of spiritual relations between the CC Kuxkatan from El Salvador and CC APEM from Guatemala and Belize, setting up a first encounter on the 5-6 of December 2017 to celebrate the beginning of the sacred cycle 8 Batz, in San Luis, Petén, Guatemala.  Fulfilling the winter solstice first regional gathering under CRI plan.
  2. The nomination of a woman spiritual guide of the Kakawira people as the Salvadoran representative at the Movement of Indigenous Women of Abya Yala.  
  3. A beginning of spiritual relations between the Asociasion de Amautas Yatiris  Tupak Katari Faro Murillo from Bolivia and the Consejo de Ajtunal Tepatianis Chiknaui Tunal from El Salvador, we commit ourselves to:
    1. Look for the legal recognition of our spiritual and medicinal associations.
    2. We commit ourselves to give a follow up to the ancient native prophesy “The encounter of El Condor, Jaguar Serpent and the Eagle” and the final words of Chief Tupak Katari at his martyrdom “I shall return and we will be millions…”
    3. To seek further relations with aboriginal people worldwide so to carry out a global gathering at a ceremonial ancient site by the year 2020, with the aim to plead to the Spirit of Water for the emergence of Justice and Truth to the world. 

Finally we would like to acknowledge the unconditional support given and tireless commitment of the people involved in this remarkable event; so to build a hopeful way to help humankind by walking humble with Pachamama. 

Thanks to the United Religions Initiative Latin America and the Caribbean for the financial support. 

Thanks to David Limo y Sofia Painiqueo, Global Councilors URI-ALC, for their advisory support. 

Thanks to Tupakusi Hugo Cordero y Mateo Choc, Executive Committee of the Regional Indigenous Council, for the organization and hospitality. 

Translated by Juan Nelson Rojas. 

Coordinator Cooperation Circle Kuxkatan, El Salvador. 



The Meeting of Reflection: Towards a Spirituality for the 21st Century, which will take place from January 12 to 14, 2018, at Camp Nueva Vida, Quito, Ecuador.


Fundación Nueva Vida (FNV), Ecuatorian Evangelical Confraternity (CEE), Community of Reflection and Ecological Spirituality (CREE), Service of Reality Studies (SER), Network of Transformation and Sustainable Development (RTDS) and the Latin American Interreligious Network of Education for Peace (RILEP).


The consumer society is a spawn of technology and capitalism. The mass media play an important role in this situation, since they are used to condition consumers to a lifestyle in which they work to win, they earn to buy and they are bought to be worth. Globalization is producing a process of unification of markets and homogenization of production, worldwide according to the neoliberal model. Cybernetics and informatics guide and energize this whole process, affecting not only the economic sphere, but also politics, society, religion and culture.

Advertising is controlled by people whose economic interests are linked to increased production and this in turn depends on a consumption that is only possible in a society in which to live is to own. The technique is thus put at the service of capital to impose the ideology of consumption. It is at the service of capital, not at the service of men and women.

We note that the reality of our countries is being shaken by an inhuman economic model that generates multiple forms of violence at all levels of society. A large number of women, children, young people, people of sexual diversity, indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants and our Mother Earth suffer directly and daily the onslaught of structural, cultural and direct violence and the consequences of migration, drug trafficking , the violation of individual and collective rights, economic and social inequality, discrimination, the destruction of identities and cultures, situations of insecurity injustice, impunity and corruption and exploitation and dispossession of the Earth and territories by transnational projects.

Consequently, men and women become one-dimensional beings - a screw of a large machinery that works according to the laws of supply and demand - is the main cause of environmental pollution and creates a huge gap between those who have and those that do not have a national level and between rich countries and poor countries internationally. This gap continues to grow. Despite technological advances and an industrial expansion that is unprecedented in human history. Today the underdeveloped world is farther than ever from the solution to its problems.

The consumer society has imposed a lifestyle that makes private property an absolute right and places money above men and women and production over nature. The danger of worldliness is this: an accommodation to the forms of this evil world with all its materialism, its obsession with individual success and its blinding selfishness.


The convening institutions promote actions through teaching and social projects, in order to respond to the demands of the new socio-economic and pluricultural reality, promoting respect for human rights, the environment, cultural identity, inclusion, the ecumenical and the strengthening of democracy.

We hope to create in those days a space where we can find a group of friends and close bonds of companionship that help us to grow humanly. A space of freedom, where we can raise concerns and listen and be heard, while being confronted in our options. A meeting point where we can train in dialogue with other people who will help us grow in a holistic spirituality, seeking together the fullness of an abundant life. For that we will have times of conversation, reflection and meditation on topics such as: What is spirituality ?; What is interreligious dialogue? The culture of the peace; The Sustainable Development Goals; the Art of Living and Loving We will use the methodology of Seeing, Judging and Acting. The place of the event has all the conditions to hold this meeting as it has 8 hectares of park, fields, swimming pool, lake and cabins to rest and enjoy nature, the landscape and the good interrelation with God, others and with himself .


In this meeting the participants will be given an experiential frame of reflection for the action that allows them:

  • Contribute to the interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange between people from different countries, about the different areas of life and spirituality
  • Encourage discussion on the critical task of Latin Americans in the continent and the world, from a broad perspective, to respond with maturity to the demands and ethical challenges that are presented to us today
  • Generate a movement of thought that includes people and institutions that promote the development of an ethic that serves as a frame of reference for the exercise of a vocation with a sense of service.
  • All people who are interested in renewing their worldview of life, are invited to participate in this meeting. This will be a creative, participative, collaborative and ludic event, with spaces for meditation and individual and group reflection. This activity is the product of existing networks with the aim of strengthening and expanding them, ensuring the projection of an intercultural, inclusive and diverse community in our Latin America in the 21st century. REGISTRATION:

    • The cost is 60 USD.
    • Includes lodging and food, for the three days of the event, but each participant must pay their airfare (air, land) round trip from their destination to Quito and the exit tax of that country, as well as the transfer from the airport to the place of the event. The approximate cost of a taxi from the airport to Quito is 25 to 30 USD. USEFUL


    Arrival in Quito: Thursday 11 Departure from Quito: Sunday January 14 after the morning session. Víctor Rey: Cellular in Ecuador: 593-983363394Email: New Life Camp Address: El Jordán Street, diagonal to the parish stadium, 700 meters from La Merced Central Park. Phones. 2385160/2385450