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Interreligious Movement of Rio de Janeiro (MIR) celebrates 25 years

30 / Junio / 2017



On June 5, 2017 the Interreligious Movement of Rio de Janeiro - MIR celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Throughout that time, with the participation of different traditions, he was born in the Vigil of the Eco-92 and helped to make the tool of interreligious dialogue form bridges, bringing people together and showing that it is possible to work together in the construction of a world of peace, joy, solidarity, respect, ...

Its time to celebrate !!!

But how was it celebrated before so many challenges present in the daily life of our lives?

In an intimate way, as a family, talking about successful initiatives carried out, fueling the hope that it is possible to build bridges through dialogue between the different traditions that make up the mosaic of religious diversity. We also paid homage to people who taught us the beauty of service and sharing the sacred.

To this end, on June 5, the Tradition Tea was held from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Russel 76 Street, Gloria, Rio de Janeiro, highlighting the Interfaith Ceremony (18 h) and the Gratitude CD Launch, of Athamis Bárbara Barbosa (19 h).

We thank all who came to enjoy this moment!

Thank you Birth

Coordinator of the MIR



Diálogos Fe en el Clima: Aguas Sagradas.

30 / Junio / 2017



The “Faith in the Climate” Dialogues are part of the Faith in the Climate Convergence, meeting that gathered 50 young people from 17 Latin American countries from different religious traditions in discussions about climate changes and religiosity, focusing in the water subject. It took place at the National Historical Museum, in Rio de Janeiro.

Opening panel: Guanabara Bay

- Place of Stories and Resistance

- Breno Herrera - Environmental Analyst

- Emanuel Alencar - Author of "Guanabara Bay: Disregard and Resistance"

3:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Table of Contents: Faith Communities and Climate Change

- Babalorixá Kola Abimbola - Yoruba (Nigeria)

- Mother Flávia Pinto - Umbanda

- Pastor and eco-theologian Neddy Astudillo - Presbyterian (USA)

- Pastor Ariovaldo - Evangelical

- Professor Diane Kuperman - Judaism (Religious Respect Range of the Municipal Secretariat for Social Assistance and Human Rights)

17h at 19h Interreligious Celebration: Meeting of the Waters

Religious rituals of celebration and blessing of the waters:

- Umbanda

- Islam

- Wicca

- Christianity

- Native Traditions (NowaCumig Center) and Indigenous Peoples (Fulnio Indians)

- Hare Krishna

- Candomblé

- The Great White Brotherhood



United Missions CC

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

30 / Junio / 2017


Every Wednesday afternoon I go to the Durand Hospital along with other clowns to visit the 3rd floor of adult hospitalization. Today Tuesday 27-06-2017 we were in an activity together with a choir of grandparents and three musicians singing and dancing in the sixth floor of the same hospital, where the patients are of geriatrics. I also participate in the social project of the school of clowns of Espacio Aguirre (Palermo, Buenos Aires) with which we are representing a play of clowns, to places far from the city, neighborhoods lacking among others. This is my way of expressing love to others from joy and sharing. I belong to C.C. United Nations. I thank URI for the possibility of making a short trip (August) to the province of the Chaco, where I will visit five rural schools in the Toba community and from the group game to be able to transmit URI values such as unity, love, fellowship , cooperation and brotherhood among many others. I will also give an intensive course of hospital clown in the cultural center of Pampa del Indio (Chaco) so that the hospital has its own stable group.



First Circle of Cooperation in Uruguay

28 / Junio / 2017


The Coordination of URI AL & C announces with joy the creation of the first Circle of Cooperation of Uruguay: the Circle of Interreligious Encounter Montevideo (CEIM), and we have added 47 Circles in the region. His first contact is the father Ubaldo Pino, his email is: The second contact of this CC is the sister Susana Romero, her email: This CC is formed by members of the following traditions: Liberal Catholic, Masonry, Theosophy, Buddhism, Sikhism.


For the Dialogue CC, Caracas- Venezuela

UCV Light and Peace

10 / Junio / 2017


On Sunday, June 4, a meeting for the peace of Venezuela was held at the Central University of Venezuela with the students of this house of studies and public in general.

The Circle of Cooperation for Dialogue participated in the meeting called UCV Luz y Paz, which was attended by Father Raúl Herrera Parish Priest of the University parish, Hernán Rubín by Haré Krishna, Sahadi Mahfouz of Satyananda Yoga of India, Ruth López Presbiteriana, Marina ShinJi Tirado Nun Zen, as well as representatives of Brahma Kumaris and Islam. Each tradition offered, from its tradition, a prayer for peace in Venezuela.

The Rector of the Central University Dr. Cecilia Garcia Arocha began the act emphasizing that "there are 63 young people who have been killed for being part of peaceful protests."

From the stage, we raise our prayers for all the fallen and detained in our country during these 78 days of protest.



03 / Junio / 2017




Union of Spiritualist, Philosophical, Scientific and Religious Societies – UNISOES, celebrates 28 years.

01 / Junio / 2017


The Union of Spiritualist, Philosophical, Scientific and Religious Societies – UNISOES, celebrated 28 years on June 10, 2017 in the Roerich Brazil Institute, Salvador – Bahia – Brazil.

They quoted Dalai Lama “This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; There is no need for complicated philosophies. Our own mind, our own heart is our temple. Goodness is the philosophy”.

The program included a celebration, lunch, crafts fair and bazaar.