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ETSA CC, Peru.

30/ Mayo / 2017


Members of the CC ETSA practice Saya as an altiplanic dance that is born of the expression of mulatto blacks who lived in the highland regions of the time of the colony, in the Virreynato of Peru. The dance is led by a singing voice, it is a style of music and dance that can be considered as the product of the fusion of African, Aymara and Spanish elements.

The Saya as a cultural manifestation spread throughout the high plateau, which today make up the Peruvian, Chilean and Bolivian territories. With the disintegration of the Virreynato, Peru was the main territory of diffusion. The characteristics of the Saya are well defined. The men intonate, with their powerful voices, songs that women repeat with beautiful nuances of their voices of sopranos. The movements of the dance are very rhythmic and sensual. The women with the upright posture, moving the hip and with short steps mark the choreography.

On May 11 the CC ETSA participated in the Ayacucho Carnival festivities in Cajamarca. This event was attended by 70 people, who enjoyed the presentation of several dances performed by the group.

In addition Rosa Alva, primary contact of the CC ETSA is giving dance classes, with an hour and a half duration every Wednesday to a group of women, who are very enthusiastic about the Sayas learning.



Quinaroa CC, 2017.

29/ Mayo / 2017


On May 14 and 15 the Cooperative Circle Quinaroa has been accustomed to go out to the festivities of San Isidro Labrador, since the Catholic Church became present in these arid lands the Indians take their presents to San Isidro, accompany him from the square of Pueblo Viejo to its route by the main streets of Lagunillas until taking it to the Church Santiago Apóstol. In the middle of the road, the indigenous people lose their walk and gather on the shores of their mother lagoon to give their offerings and present their achievements, goals, people, girls and adults who will take charge of new activities in the indigenous people. This is the case of the Karibay (who means first woman) Scarleth Villasmil Guarepe who already entered another stage: must attend the University and carry out other activities, so has as successor the girl Angelica Contreras Villasmil stage. Then they return to the walk to continue sharing with their families and friends. They are important dates because everything comes together in a family atmosphere, they are the reunions that occur, many of our relatives and friends only return to Lagunillas at this time.

The sharing of family and friends is important because from there come the best ideas, the goodness of the people, the planning to do better things, about these times, where solidarity, respect and harmony live times of change.



A chant of Peace.

29 / Mayo / 2017



The II International Festival "A Song for Peace", Facundo Cabral Prize, took place in the city of São Luiz do Paraitinga, state of São Paulo, Brazil, from May 12 to 14, 2017. On the stage of the event were 12 singers-songwriters from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Brazil, as well as musicians and guests from around the world. It was a great and beautiful event that inspired the public with the musical message of peace, love, harmony and understanding. At each edition, the Facundo Cabral Prize is awarded to a singer and songwriter from the country that hosts the Itinerant festival. This year the honoree was the renowned Gilberto Gil.


The Opening Ceremony was held at 7:00 pm on May 12, 2017, in the bandstand of Doctor Oswaldo Cruz Square, under the direction of the ceremony master Mostafa Bartar, from Campinas CC. A brief use of speech was made by: Moreno Overá, musician, singer and songwriter, coordinator of the second edition of the festival; Benedito Netto, secretary of culture of the municipality of São Luiz do Paraitinga, representing the mayor Ana Lúcia Sicherle; Enoé Texier, URI coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean and the coordination assistant Deivid Gomes; the URI Global Council Trustees Sofía Painiqueo, David Limo and Salette Aquino; and producer Cláudio Prado, personal friend of Gilberto Gil, representing him at this event. The speeches were very engaging and excited the audience. Sofía Painiqueo and her daughter Ilwen Painiqueo made a beautiful presentation of Mapuche music, from their indigenous nation in Chile. Moreno Overá and Gerardo Ochoa, the highlight of the first edition of the Festival, sang some songs in honor of Gilberto Gil and Facundo Cabral. Then a video sent by Gilberto Gil was exhibited justifying the fact that he could not receive the prize personally and thanking the honor received.


In the sequence, Ieda Terra and the Libélua Band performed a wonderful opening show. Ieda charmed the audience with her melodious voice. Moreno accompanied the band with his viola.


In the morning of Saturday, May 13, 2017, an interfaith table was held at the auditorium of the Cultural Center Nelsinho Rodrigues with the theme "The role of the different religions in the construction of a culture of peace". It was attended by several local religious leaders, some inhabitants of São Luiz do Paraitinga, and URI members: Enoé Texier, regional coordinator; Deivid Gomes, assistant; the Global Council Trustees Sofía Painiqueo, David Limo and Salette Aquino; Graças Nascimento, Alice Gress, Quele Pícoli and Tony Karika, from MIR - Rio de Janeiro CC; and Mostafa Bartar, from Campinas CC. The auditorium was crowded and the participation was intense and constructive.


On Saturday at 2 pm the Music Show of the singers-songwriters participating in the Festival began: Alfonso Lirikowsky (Mexico), Rodrigo Régis (Brazil), Ángel Díaz (Venezuela), Jairo Morán (Venezuela), Andreamaría (Venezuela), Constanza Liz (Venezuela), Loreto Lorca (Chile), Fernando Salazar Wagner (Colombia), Adrián García (Colombia), Guilherme Moscardini (Brazil), Gerardo Ochoa (Mexico) and Manu Saggioro (Brazil). The artists charmed the audience with their talent and charisma. They did top-quality musical work. Then all the musicians received certificates of participation in the event.


The final show of the night was performed by Lume de Paraitinga Band, presenting a nice selection of regional music.


On Sunday, May 14, 2017, at 9 am the Award Ceremony of the Facundo Cabral Prize to Gilberto Gil took place, where all the musicians of the festival sang songs of these indelible names of the world music, that through their songs contributed so much for building a culture of peace. The harmonious interaction of the musicians for this performance was impressive, one of the most vibrant moments of the festival. Then the producer Cláudio Prado spoke in the behalf of Gilberto Gil and brought some memories of the course of life of the honoree. Then the organizing team of the festival, composed by the coordinator Moreno Overá, the coordination assistant Deivid Gomes and the trustee Salette Aquino, together with the trustees Sofía and David Limo, gave the Facundo Cabral Prize to Gilberto Gil through his representative, Cláudio Prado. The trophy was a fine work of art done by the renowned local craftsman Benito Campos, an admirable representation of Facundo Cabral.


The Closing Ceremony began at 10:30 am at Nelsinho Rodrigues Cultural Center, where several musicians made beautiful presentations: Ilwen Painiqueo, Sofía Painiqueo, Alice Gress, Quele Pícoli, Rafaela Maia, Moreno Overá, Dayra Rio Branco and Amarildo Dias. The closing of the festival was done by the Indigenous Choir of the Araponga Village, from Paraty-RJ. The choir, formed by adults and children, rocked, engaged and thrilled the crowded auditorium. In the last song, everyone joined hands forming a large dance wheel around the hall, a time of great harmony and brotherhood, all together for a world of unity.


It was 3 days of intense emotions! In addition to the brilliant musical performances, the interaction and harmony between all the participants was very remarkable and significant. The organizing team received numerous congratulations from the public, grateful for this inspiring event. At an evaluation meeting held on Sunday evening at a beautiful inn in the midst of nature, the participating artists decided to form a URI cooperation circle of musicians, for realizing the greatness of this work for the advent of the dreamed kingdom of love and peace.


United Religions Initiative

Latin America & the Caribbean Region

URI Brazil - Multiple Circle of Cooperation

Campinas Cooperation Circle

II International Festival "A Song for Peace", Facundo Cabral Prize


May 12-14, 2017 | São Luiz do Paraitinga, São Paulo, Brazil.

Text: Deivid Gomes

Review: Deivid Gomes y Salette Aquino

Photos: Deivid Gomes y Arunam Zanvettor Guedes



School of Love CC, Argentina

08 / Mayo / 2017


On Monday, May 8, 2017, at 6:30 p.m., we have been at the Higher Teacher Training Institute Carmen Arriola de Marin, in the town of Beccar, Buenos Aires, to discuss the theme "THE GREAT RELIGIONS, A WAY TOWARDS THE PEACE.

The speakers were Professor Elia, from the Islamic Center of the Argentine Republic a man whose name I do not know representative of Buddhism; Br. Jorge Alberto Bender, ofm. Guardian of the Convent San Francisco and Arieh Sztokman, Rabbi.

Each one of us exposed our concepts of the ways that can help us find peace.

Sent by:

School of Love CC

Arieh Sztokman, Rabbi

"He who sows love reaps peace"