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10th Walk in Defense of Religious Freedom - 09/17/2017

Walking together we get along


17 / septiembre / 2017


Brazilian Society and State have been witnessing for some years a growing manifestation of religious intolerance, including physical aggression and the destruction of cult sites, especially against the religions of African matrices, in a demonstration of disrespect for the constitutional principles that support the Brazilian society.

That is why, on September 17, 2017, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in the Copacabana neighborhood, the X Walk for Religious Freedom was held to sensitize the population. This event was the result of six months of work of a commission created from the verification of extreme cases of religious intolerance that happened not only in the State of Rio de Janeiro, but in other units of the Federation. The purpose of this project is to keep the population mobilized against practices of religious intolerance, emphasizing the cultural diversity of different religious cults, thus guaranteeing the constitutional principles that govern the Brazilian State.

Throughout cultural events, debates, workshops and seminars, the Commission to Combat Religious Intolerance (CCIR) mobilizes a large part of organized civil society throughout the year. As a result, the Walk in Defense of Religious Freedom, from its organizational process, has received wide support from the various media and has had a national repercussion, including the participation of thousands of people in this and the previous nine editions!

The Walk in Defense of Religious Freedom is the only popular mass cultural movement in the world, with the characteristic of uniting several faiths in one purpose: religious freedom.

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27 / Septiembre / 2017


The Coordination of URI Latin America & the Caribbean, the members of the Circle of Cooperation for Dialogue and the Luis Dolan Chair join the pain afflicting the entire University Community of the School of International Studies of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences for the sensitive death of the teacher.

Carmen Longa


Who in life gave his valuable and disinterested contribution to interreligious and intercultural dialogue through his work as a teacher.

Rest in the glory of God

September 2017






21 / Septiembre / 2017


International Day for Peace

Quinaroa Cooperation Circle

In a meeting with the elders of the Indigenous People of Quinaroes, they decided that in addition to inviting the participation of the International Day of La Paz motivated to the different situations that the country lives, our Municipality also experiences difficult moments so we will also invite the political authorities and social. In addition to this, our Sacred Lagoon Site of Urao has also undergone eutrophication and lack of action to maintain the water mirror, so we are going to make the blessing of water, in union with all that we make life in Lagunillas.

5:00 a.m. Walk from the housing points of the 6 indigenous towns of Lagunillas.

6:00 am. Concentration in the Urao Lagoon.

6:15 am. Blessing of water by representatives of religions: Catholics, prayer groups, agnostics, indigenous peoples and Protestants.

Offering of chicha de maíz, toque de clacho, tambores, maracas and guaruras by La Paz.

8:00 am Closing words by the Mohán of the Indigenous People Quinaroes.

9:00 am. Closing activity: Share carbines and chocolate.



25 leaders of Indigenous Peoples of Argentina will give their vision and their voice for the International Day of Peace.

21 / Septiembre / 2017


In the framework of the "International Day of Peace", on September 21, sanctioned by Law 26,819, in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Republic, in adherence to Resolutions 36/67 and 55/282 of the General Assembly of the United Nations and given the context in which our country is, different leaders of Indigenous Peoples from Argentina will meet to elaborate a document for Peace, from a vision of Dialogue and Consensus, principles of the Worldview of Indigenous Peoples.

Faced with the growth of violence and intolerance in our country in recent times, 25 leaders from different Indigenous Peoples will gather in the honorable Congress of the Nation to produce a document that conveys our concern and initiative to strengthen the way of peace, based on the teachings and wisdom that our grandparents have transmitted to us for thousands of years.


10:00 am.- Accreditation of participants.

10:30 am.- Ancestral ceremony requesting permission to the ancestors with songs, dances and prayers of the different leaders.

11:00 am.- Presentation of the PPP and the history of URI, by Raul Mamani of CC Quewña and Rosalía Gutiérrez of the CCs Indigenous People from Argentina.

11:30 am.- In Circle, the leaders will begin to prepare the document.

1:00 pm.- Community Luncheon.

2:00 pm.- The Document will continue working.

4:30 pm.- Finishes in meetings with a Ceremony of gratitude to the Ancestors (dances, reflection and prayers).

5:00 pm.- Read the Document to the press, deputies and special guests.


X Edition ROUND OF PEACE 2017

Voices of Peace

September 21 to October 24, 2017

19 / September / 2017



The Peace Council of the Argentine Republic (Cpaz) once again invites organizations and individuals from all over the world to participate in the X edition of the Peace Round, to be held on September 21 (International Day of Peace ) to October 24 (World Unity Day), with the intention of activating and strengthening the Peace that dwells in each one of us and in our communities, acting in harmony with all similar actions that will take place in the world.

The motto Voices of Peace that guides us this year, aims to show that Peace is not only the absence of wars or violence, but is something more profound to our Being, which invites us to manifest coherence in Life . And therefore, Peace is that multidisciplinary human value that being present in art, in science, in nature, and in any activity that we develop or action that we undertake, transforms us, and transforms our environment.

Therefore, since the Peace Round, we invite you to express our Peace from the place that each one believes best expresses it. And because this is a network activity, every proposal, every action we take, has the virtue of being synergistically potentiated with those of the whole, allowing all of us to see the values ​​that are in harmony with the Heart.

In the attached Instruction you will find more information on how to participate. Send your proposal to and join the Round.

Ana Ines and Julio Avruj - María Adela Palcos - Nora Croatto - Héctor Pibernus - Raúl Amato

Cpaz Coordinating Team

Facebook: Peace Council of the Argentine Republic (organization and group)


Life shows us that from an instance of peace and inner freedom, it is possible to achieve lasting well-being. Peace with oneself, peace with others and peace with nature is a longing that dwells dormant in the hearts of many beings. "ROUND OF PEACE" is then proposed, as a catalyst for that awakening, inspiring the realization of concrete and expansive actions.

General guidelines:

1. "ROUND OF PEACE" is a network task, where each node will be a focus of peace. Its enhancer effect is based on the fact that each organization that is integrated must be developing its own activity to carry out it locally within the established dates, with the modality and in the schedule that they create the most adequate. Each organization will be responsible for 100% of the process and concretion of the activity that proposes.

2. To preserve the common convening purpose it may help to ask:

* The activity I propose: does it clearly satisfy the desires of Common Good, Peace and Unity?

* Are the presentations, exhibitions or performances that I offer: Are they inclusive (non-discriminatory or devalued), respectful, and promote a climate of brotherhood? Do they generate forms of being in the world based on positive attitudes, harmonious words and constructive actions?

3. The final proposals will be published in a widely disseminated schedule, and together with the images sent to us of the activities carried out, a video synthesis will be produced, which will be uploaded to the Cpaz web / blog, and each participating organization will be invited to upload your own call and the Cpaz to your web / blog.

4. The participating organizations voluntarily commit themselves to expanding the hope and conviction that peace is possible, and they become multiplying agents of it.

Maria Adela Palcos - Nora Croatto - Héctor Pibernus - Ana Inés de Avruj - Julio Avruj Raúl N. Amato

Cpaz Coordinating Team


Latin American CC of Musicians, Venezuela

15 / Septiembre / 2017


A warm greeting from Venezuela.

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Peace, together with the feeling and purpose of our URI family, I shared the activity that I planned:

LIVE PEACE WITH CHILDREN, with the aim of promoting and disseminating the importance of peace in family, communal and school life, supported by the community of Paso Real Núcleo 2, in the San Diego municipality of Carabobo State.

The Programming contemplates:


2. GAMES: MY VALUES          



Purpose of the activity: Strengthen the Culture of Peace in the Community made up of 240 families.

Modality: Participatory-Interactive-Didactic

Functionality: The activity brings together children to share a common area of ​​activities together with their parents and our work team, an environment facilitated by the Paso Real Community Condominium Board.

The Scope of Activity: is to multiply the benefits of this experience in their homes, in the community and in their schools.



Member of the Latin American C.C of URI Musicians



Descendants of Guatemaya CC

Final Report of the Solidarity Contribution Project

15 / Septiembre / 2017




Foundation Third Millennium CC, Argentina

International Day of Peace    

September 15, 2017             

& nbsp;

The members of the CC Foundation Tercer Milenio are planning the planting of a Peace Pole in a Community Center in the City of Buenos Aires to celebrate the International Day of Peace on 21 September.

Sent by Susy Reich.



Brasilia CC

15 / Septiembre / 2017


Spirituality in Action

September 12, 2017

Ile Asé Oya Bagãn

Address: Rural Nucleus

Tamandua Stream

Patch 9 – Farmhouse 13

North Lake – Brasília-DF-Brazil

Brasilia CC



Latin American CC of Musicians (Mexico)

15 / Septiembre / 2017


Festival for Peace

Calosio Community Center

Mexico City

Exchange of Experiences

Inclusive Communities

Play activities

Multi-racial culture

Human rights

Spiritual Performance




September 24, 2017 - 11 h

Latinamerican of Music CC



Latin American CC of Musicians

15 / Septiembre / 2017


September 21

International Day of Peace

Manifest of Peace

7 pm

Bring your music, poetry, history...

Your art for a world of peace!

Nelson Rodrigues Cultural Center

Rua Coronel Domingues de Castro, 33, Centro

São Luiz do Paraitinga – SP – Brazil

Latinamerican of Music CC




14 / Septiembre / 2017


The Spiritual Forum of Santiago for Peace

is pleased to invite you and those who want to accompany you to

Central Act of the Interreligious Day of Prayer for Peace in the World 2017

which will take place on Thursday, September 21, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Hall of Acts of the San Ignacio College, Alonso de Ovalle 1452 (between San Ignacio and Lord Cochrane one block from Alameda)



14 / Septiembre / 2017


Brothers and sisters of URI AL & C:

On September 20, the Indigenous Council will hold a celebration activity for the International Day for Peace in the Municipality of El Alto, with the participation of indigenous brothers from other CCs in the region.

Posted by Tupakusi Hugo Cordero Calisaya



13 / Septiembre / 2017


Our CCs. are preparing for September 21 a meeting of different leaders of Indigenous Peoples of Argentina, where we will have the presence of Raul Mamani. On this occasion each People will emit their message and reflection of Peace, elaborating a document that will later be read in the House of Legislators, who will provide us with the national press coverage.

Our Day will be held from 9 am to 5 pm on September 21, where in a harmony meeting we will reflect and elaborate a document on various issues that make Peace, beginning with the principles of URI.

For our Community this meeting is very important since our country is in the middle of a debate about the violence in the South of Argentina that touches us closely.

Sent by

Rosalía Gutiérrez

CCS Contact of Indigenous Peoples of Argentina.


CC for the Dialogue, Caracas

13 / Septiembre / 2017


Every 21st of September, the International Day of Peace is celebrated annually around the world. The General Assembly has declared this date a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both among all nations and all peoples, as well as among the members of each. This year the campaign is titled "Together for Peace: Respect, Security and Dignity for All" in the spirit of JUNTOS, a global initiative whose aim is that people who have been forced to leave their homes in search of a better life enjoy respect and security and live in dignity. JUNTOS was launched during the Summit on Refugees and Migrants held on September 19, 2016 and brings together the entire United Nations system, 193 Member States, the private sector and civil society. academic institutions and citizens to support diversity, non-discrimination and acceptance of refugees and migrants.

As president of the CC for the Caracas Dialogue this year I invite you to the Nelson Mandela Boulevard, in the El Marques Urbanization, where we will be with various activities including an act of prayers for peace with people of different faiths, activities for children and dance of Peace with Flower Guard. In addition we will have a special schedule that week in related to the initiatives of Peace.



12 / Septiembre / 2017




Report of the visit of the global directors to the State of São Paulo, Brazil

03 / Septiembre / 2017


Visit of the URI LA Global Council Trustees to the State of São Paulo - Brazil

The URI Global Council Trustees for Latin America and the Caribbean Region, Salette Aquino, Sofía Painiqueo and David Limo, were gathered in São Paulo, Brazil, in May 2017 for two sets of important activities:

II International Festival of Singer-songwriters "A Song for Peace"

The first one was the II International Festival of Singer-songwriters "A Song for Peace", held in the city of São Luiz do Paraitinga - SP, May 12-14, 2017. The GC TrusteeSalette Aquino was one of the organizers of the event together with Moreno Overá and Deivid Gomes. Sofía Painiqueo and David Limo also made important contributions during the event, as well as the Regional Coordinator of URI for Latin America and the Caribbean, EnoéTexier, Ph.D. On the stage of the event were 12 singers-songwriters from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Brazil, as well as musicians and guests from around the world. It was a great and beautiful event that inspired the public with the musical message of peace, love, harmony and understanding.


In addition to the beautiful musical presentations in favor of a culture of peace, there were precious moments of debate and fomentation of interreligious cooperation, which culminated in the formation of the Latin American MusiciansCooperation Circle, bringing together 20 members from all over Latin America.


Las actividades con el recién formado Círculo de Cooperación Latinoamericano de Músicosse completaron el lunes 15 de mayo de 2017.

The activities with the newly formed Latin American Musicians Cooperation Circle were completed on Monday, May 15, 2017.

The three Trustees then went to the city of Campinas - SP, where they fulfilled an important agenda.

Visit of the Global Council Trustees to the religious and spiritual traditions in Campinas - SP

On May 16 and 17, 2017, the TrusteesSalette Aquino, Sofía Painiqueo and David Limo made a series of important visits to various religious and spiritual traditions in the city of Campinas - SP. The agenda of visits was organized by the coordinator of CampinasCC, Mostafa Bartar, who accompanied the three trustees, along with Deivid Gomes, Regional Coordination Assistant of URI LA and IlwenPainiqueo, daughter of Trustee Sofía. The regional coordinator EnoéTexier was unable to accompany them due to force majeure reasons.

May 16, 2017 2 to 3:30 p.m. BRAHMA KUMARISTradition- R. Monte Aprazível, 387 - Chácara da Barra, Campinas.


May 16, 2017 4 to 5:30 p.m.- JEWISH TRADITION - Brazilian Jewish Society Beth Jacob of Campinas (SIBBJC) -synagogue - Rua Barreto Leme 1203, Campinas.


May 16, 2017 7:30 to 9 p.m. - Traditions of AFRICAN MATRIX - CEPROCAMPauditorium,


May 17, 2017 9:30 to 11 a.m. - BUDDHIST Tradition - RuaEspanha 437, Bonfim, Campinas


May 17, 2017 2to3:30 p.m.- ISLAMIC Tradition- Islamic Society of Campinas - Rua Professor Nicolau Marchini, 87, Parque São Quirino, Campinas.


May 17, 2017 4 to 5:30 p.m. - CATHOLIC Tradition - Parish Community of Father Paulo Rodrigues.


May 17, 2017 8 to 9:30 p.m. - BAHÁ´ÍTradition- RuaPaschoalNicolauPurchio, 101, Nova Campinas.


They were inspiring moments of spiritual and fraternal sharing that greatly contributed to the strengthening of community ties between URI and the religious and spiritual traditions of Campinas. All traditions reported having greatly appreciated the institutional visit of URIs global council trustees and felt closer to the organization.