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Best regards On behalf of Zen Center Bodaishin and the Institute of Hispanic Buddhist Studies (IEBH) We are pleased to invite you to the International Day of Buddhism with the ceremony of Kanbutsu-e (灌 仏 会) for the birth of Buddha. With the participation of representatives of the three branches of Buddhism At the 6th Buddhist World Summit held in Japan in December 2014, important interventions were developed, including the proposal of the celebration of the day of Buddhism on April 8, as a way of that in a single voice Buddhism has resonance in the world and that humanity can put their eyes on the teachings of the Buddha so necessary in these times. For this we are inviting the different organizations that are Join these efforts and we can celebrate that day with joy and rejoicing, together we can be an expression of the Buddha Dhamma and that every time, more people benefit from the teaching of the Buddha. The meeting will take place at the headquarters of the Community Center of Caracas in urbanization El Marqués, we are inviting representatives of different religions, and members of Buddhist Sanghas of other Branches and general public. We will have ceremony and the traditional bath of the budding Buddha decorated between flowers, which is bathed with a sweet Tea. Tradition indicates that when Buddha was born it rained Amacha (Tea of ​​Hortencias). As usual, at the end we will have a share, we thank you bring something that will be the offerings. With our best wishes Rev. Marina ShinJi Tirado Zen Nun Director of Zen Center Bodaishin Rev. Winston Velazco Zen Monk President of the IEBH HOUR : arrival 10.30 a.m. ceremony 11 a.m. It is appreciated to arrive at the specific time, we will be until 2.00 pm. Address: Community Center of Caracas Av Romulo Gallego, El Marqués Shopping Center, 2nd floor The North Marques . IMPORTANT  Please confirm attendance.





Dear Rev. Swing, receive my congratulations for your nomination as VISIONARY OF THE YEAR. I am honored to belong to the URI family, a family that you started and that we hope to continue expanding throughout the world.

Adriana Reyes

Caracas Venezuela





Dear Reverend Bishop William Edwin Swing - President of UNITED RELIGIONS INITIATIVE (URI)

His first thought and his latest thought have fueled the world with the fruits of the love of a new-born religiosity of universal understanding of a single Father of us all. We accompany him and he has our support, which we have provided from the founding of URI and its beginnings in Brazil.

Sabino Souza Hüttner - The URANTIA BOOK - UNISOES - URI

Susana Hüttner Palaia - The URANTIA BOOK - UNISOES - URI

São Paulo, Brazil



It is a great joy to be able to experience such good news. I, as a member of this beautiful community for several years, and today as a URI Multiregion member, am very emotional to express my admiration for this nomination. These are times when more than ever I feel on the right path.

Francisco Morales

Baraza member, URI Multiregion

Cosmic Comunity Cooperation Circle

Aymara Indigenous Nation 




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Dear URI Community. Our Community extends our support and congratulations to the Rev. William E. Swing, who is one of the six finalists for the VISIONARY OF THE YEAR distinction, for the Chronicle of San Francisco. Our Reverend E.Swing, a great visionary who has called on Indigenous Peoples to enter into dialogue with the world's religions. A relevant fact that caused a strong impact on our Peoples, because it came to heal wounds and fulfill ancestral dreams of Peace and understanding among Indigenous Peoples, Religions and Spiritual Expressions.

May Peace prevail on Mother Earth.

May Peace prevail on Mother Earth.

Rosalìa Gutierrez

CCs. Of Indigenous Peoples of Argentina.

South America.


Dear Brother William Swing I am very excited that you are one of those selected among the candidates for recognition as the Visionary Man, because he speaks very well of what it means to be part of URI. I want to wish you to be the Distinguished person as Visionary of the year 2018. For me, as an indigenous woman it will be like distinguishing the struggle for justice, the healing of Mother Nature for there to be Peace in the world.

Congratulations for your great vision and that is the best.

Sofia Painiqueo Tragnolao

Global Trustee URI AL & C


It is an honor for us to be part of the URI family. Our congratulations to Bishop William Swing for being the person who had the vision to propose the encounter, from heart to heart, between human beings of different beliefs, and that gave rise to URI, in order to build peace in the world.

Arieh Sztokman

CC School of Love, Argentina





Caracas / Venezuela, March 28, 2018

Dear William, When news like this arrives in my life, with an emotional and spiritual charge, I confirm that we are on the right path that leads to the proximity of the supreme being. Each work, each step, each seed that you have sown, today is distributed throughout the world and manifests itself in those who have given you in some way continuity to the task of fighting and promoting peace in the world. Today URI celebrates. Today, we celebrate your brothers. Receive from Venezuela, my native country, a fraternal embrace full of blessings and deep admiration before such a nomination, for your magnificent spiritual work. ANGELO


Dear Reverend William E. Swing, receive from the Quinaroa Cooperation Circle our words of Admiration, Appreciation for your work and contribution to the great URI family, people with an integrating soul like yours are what we need to continue contributing to improve our conditions of life, also so that the voices of our ancestors continue to permeate the world today, because civilizations would work better if we did not forget the words of the elders, if we worked under experience. His soul has a look that goes beyond the limits of the possible, so he has made his dreams realities by creating strong bonds between the different thoughts that govern the world today. You at one time in your life had that dream, planned it and got people who had the same concern, so you have the vision of an eagle, you have the ability to see between the spiritual and the earthly, which leads you to unite these two worlds and make it an instrument that serves millions of people. Thank you very much and congratulations. That you are already a Great Visionary of the world.

From the CC Quinaroa receive our best wishes for well-being, love, happiness and strength, that nature continue to guide their steps and lighting the way with more people willing to continue working for noble causes.

Yelitza Rangel Gutiérrez
CC Quinaroa
Lagunillas-Mérida, Venezuela