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APEM CC, Guatemala



CC Indigenous Peoples of Argentina and CC Cosmic Community
World Week of Interconfessional Harmony -Resol.65 / 5

Organizers: CCs. Indigenous Peoples of Argentina
Volunteers: Organization Storm, Cooperation of Potters of Jujuy and indigenous referents.
Activities: two activities were carried out, each with the participation of approximately 15 people and in different places, within the province of Buenos Aires.



Religious conversions in Indigenous Peoples have been accompanied by changes in the life and identity of indigenous communities. The change of religious affiliation basically characterized by the transition from traditionalist Catholicism to non-Catholic creeds was the main element of intra-community tension since decades ago.
The transformation of community life inherently included struggles and confrontations between the definitive separation of indigenous Protestants and Catholic natives.
The empowerment of the religions in the indigenous communities allowed to deepen the criticism to other aspects such as witchcraft, shamanism, healing rituals, etc., whose traditional response, use of violence again.

Then, the conflict between religions and the Worldview of Indigenous Peoples, in most cases, extends to the social, cultural and power in indigenous communities.
Interreligious dialogue was one of the preambles to the resolution and peaceful transformation of religious and cultural conflicts with the purpose of rebuilding harmonious relationships, of coexistence, of acceptance of other religious.

First activity: Interreligious Encounter in Homage to the indigenous leader Pedro Moreira


We celebrate the interreligious and intercultural diversity of Indigenous Peoples in the World Week of Interconfessional Harmony (Resolution 65/5 UN).

On Saturday, February 3, from noon to 7 pm in the afternoon, we met different representatives of Indigenous organizations, leaders and leaders of the Kolla, Diaguita, Aymaras, Guaranies and neighbors of the Intihuasy Library, people of religion Christian (Catholics and Evangelists). This meeting counted with approximately 15 indigenous and non-indigenous people of religions (catholics and Evangelical Baptists) and indigenous traditions (Diaguita, Kolla, Aymara and Guarani). The meeting was held at the Intihuasy Library of San Miguel, province of Buenos Aires (31 km from the City of Buenos Aires). We chose this place as a tribute to the recently tragically deceased indigenous leader Pedro Moreira. Pedro of 80 years, leader Kolla, recognized by indigenous and non-indigenous, founder of the Intihuasy Library, declared "Illustrious Citizen" of the municipality of San Miguel, worked promoting dialogue between Indigenous and non-indigenous, collaborated with ENDEPA, Christian Institution that helps to the Indigenous Peoples in Argentina.
We began the meeting with a healing of the place (clean with incense-Indigenous tradition), then the older ones started the meeting with reflections and expressing themselves in their own beliefs and religions.

The reflection was closed by a 92-year-old woman (a Catholic nun) who, at the same time, blessed the table, thanking for having been invited to participate, said among other things that her dreams are for Peace for Indigenous Peoples, words that moved everyone.



Second Activity: Indigenous Sea Ceremony

On Sunday, February 11, on the Coast of the Province of Buenos Aires, within the framework of the celebration of the anatas (recorder or recorder is a wooden wind instrument) and following with the Week of interreligious harmony was made an indigenous ceremony to the Sea, with approximately 20 people, where people from the passing public joined. The ceremony began by remembering the present Indigenous people, the Week of Interreligious Harmony, pointing out the resolution.65 / 5 and the Community was encouraged to express themselves freely with their religious prayers. This was a very important moment, a challenge to fundamentalism, both religious and non-religious.

Final reflection

For our Circles of Cooperation: Indigenous Peoples of Argentina and the Cosmic Community, it was a very interesting and risky experience, since the issue of religions is still very difficult to deal with in Indigenous Peoples. There are still open wounds and pains of religious imposition.

We think that the URI is a great door for the Dialogue between the religions, this is the space for the healing of the wounds and the way for the understanding.
We thank everyone, the region with its coordinator Enoé Texier, the Indigenous Peoples, the Councilors, the religious people, URI and especially our ancestors, who accompanied us to make the two activities possible.

Rosalía Gutierrez

Contac of  Indigenous Peoples of Argentina CC


Latin America Region.



New Pastoral Team of the Mennonite Church of Quito, Ecuador

On Sunday, February 18, the Mennonite Anabaptist Christian Church of Quito, Ecuador. He chose his new Pastoral Coordinating Committee. This one that consists of Alaba Silva, Doris Espinoza, Alexandra Meneses and Víctor Rey. The Mennonite Church is a Christian church that was born in Switzerland in 1525 and expanded throughout Europe, and then went on to America. In Quito, Ecuador, this community is new and only 15 years old. It is an ecumenical church and fosters interreligious dialogue because it works with migrants. In Ecuador there is a high population of Colombians, Venezuelans, Haitians, Cubans and Middle Eastern countries. This has allowed the Mennonite church to open up to the needs of the city and act in that direction. The central emphasis of the church is: "Pray and work for peace." Reconciliation in all areas of life is its mission and for that several commissions have been formed, since the community is multicultural and inclusive. In these times of great confusion in the field of religions, what this small congregation is doing is a contribution to diversity, inclusion, respect, tolerance and love. the doors are open for us to dress, we always have a coffee and something to share and of course a lot of friendship to learn, grow and be amazed at the wonders of God.


Reactivation of the ETSA CC and its position on the current interreligious conflict in Peru

Michael Ayala and Jhanet Regalado are a couple who had the privilege of meeting URI and forming the URI-ETSA cooperation circle a few years ago. In his group was involved a friend ETSA TSUJUPUT, a social activist and leader of the Awajún community who are in the Peruvian jungle. That friend died in mysterious conditions, just at the time when his community was being threatened by oil interests in the land to which he belonged and defended. Then in homage to him, to his early death and his hard work they dedicated the name of his Circle of Cooperation.

Michael Ayala, first contact of the CC tells us "a lot I have to tell you but the best way to do it is to start with the most important thing. We have been silent for many years because the interreligious situation in Peru is very complex. I understand that the UNITY BETWEEN RELIGIONS AND DIALOGUE is important as an emblem of URI. However, in Peru there was a phenomenon that I suppose has happened elsewhere. Peru, with a Catholic and Protestant majority, was the protagonist of a movement called WITH MY CHILDREN NOT YOUR GOALS. This group made a complaint to the Ministry of Education for having included the word GENDER in the school curriculum. This group, very well financed, argued that the government was promoting homosexuality in children, so they mobilized in several marches, posters and protest days. For the first time in many years, a kind of "UNITY" led by Christian-evangelical groups in Peru was fostered, around them Catholics, Hare-krishna, independent groups, political groups, Orthodox, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. gathered together. . Thus, a huge RELIGIOUS BLOCK was assembled willing to defend what they call "values ​​of life and family" and raising a discourse that indicated homosexuality as an "aberration", "sin" and an attack with the "plans of God" "
The reaction did not wait, before the attack appeared atheist groups, Muslims, evangelical minorities, liberal Catholics, progressive Christians, ultra-liberal, Jews, etc. This UNITY faced with marches, protests, posters, mobilizations. These groups presented bills for the protection of homosexuals, as they claimed that they were being threatened and that homophobic reactions could multiply before the emergence of these groups that questioned homosexuality.
Both groups faced each other and are still facing each other today. So what position did the CC URI ETSA assume? He contemplated how friendships were broken, churches were divided, associations were divided, religious groups lived internal conflicts and unexpected conflicts. The battle in the networks was intense and attacks from one side to another proliferated. What to do at this time? We lost friends, we won enemies. The debate came to every house, to our families, the conflict occurred even in the simplest conversations. In this process religion was mixed with politics. Congressmen, political leaders, state ministers supported one side or the other according to electoral interests.
In our walk, we support the progressives, but in the process we observe how the theme was used for personal and political interests. We forged collaboration with leaders who defended homosexuality but on the way we realized many of these representatives were financed by maintaining the conflict or had a history with ODEBRECHT (a company that has done a lot of damage to Peru). We saw that these groups were so radical that they were not even able to question what they understood as "irrefutable truth". Worse still, we knew that an "elite" managed the funds that financed the protests and marches, which were not shared with the groups that did all the work on the plain. What they also questioned the conservative groups were also made by them, nullifying collective participation and falling into dictatorial and autocratic personalities.

The situation mentioned above was not alien to the conservative groups. They began to publish posters, threats, homophobic expressions to the point that in some schools teachers were forced not to mention the word GENDER. The Christian groups in their variants had unexpected alliances in the MORMONS or WITNESSES OF JEHOVAH in this issue, joining forces with the intention of achieving their purposes through changes and manipulations of the law.

CC URI-ETSA has remained silent, after much meditating. Given this situation, CC ETSA reflects and redirects its efforts to the abandoned social groups, to the forgotten sectors and to which none of these sides are approaching: children, HIV sufferers, women. Those who monopolize the cameras, the trips, the visits, the books, the conferences, the talks, events, financings, etc do little or nothing to get closer to the poorer social sectors, where children grow up abandoned to their fate and where AIDS, prostitution, crime and hired killers proliferate. CC ETSA pronounces from the periphery, from the places where the cameras do not reach, or the paraphernalia that others seek. Our group, currently, invites children to share a time and moment to LIVE IN PEACE, WITHOUT THE MORAL CHARGES OF ALL RELIGION BUT WITH THE MORAL VALUES OF ALL RELIGION in practice and through laughter, play, sharing , the rules of coexistence through which we show the benefits of the rule of law and respect that, before our astonished eyes, has been lost in Peru as a product of radical discourses. "Michael Ayala says" I hope this long reflection can tell you what what do we do. We are both Lutherans. Yes, Christians. But this name is little or nothing for them because the disappointment of all RELIGION is immense as a result of their leaders always in conflict, attacking and in constant discussion. The children we accompany are not interested in the religion we profess and they themselves do not believe in any, but they respect our acts, testimony, way of life, which speaks more than any speech. A hug in the distance my dear friends. We appreciate and love them from a "something" that I will never know how to define but that unites us beyond distance and time. Currently, we live in the LA SIBERIA human settlement in Callao, one of the most violent places in Peru and with children living in situations of poverty and extreme poverty. We do not preach any religion, we share, from one of the values ​​of URI: respect. They have been our teachers more than they think. I can only say that, in the midst of interreligious conflict and the formation of factions, we opted for the formation of a childhood that can generate a truly solidary society that transcends its ambitions of power, which ends up crushing and exterminating others, using sometimes the name of the divine as an emblem.


Caminhos da Terra (Paths of Earth) CC: may the peace reigns and the borders end…


Caminhos da Terra CC aims, through art, conscience and spirituality, to rescue the dignity of the beings that inhabit this Planet and the Cosmos, and to promote the original “religare”, having Shamanism as a way to build the culture of peace.


According to the United Nations: "Culture of Peace is a set of values, attitudes, ways of behavior and life that reject violence, and that bet on dialogue and negotiation to prevent and resolve conflicts, acting on its causes".


Six principles of the 2000 Manifesto for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence, in which Paths of Earth CC inspires their activities:

- Respect life

- Reject violence

- Be generous

- Listen to understand

- Preserve the planet

- Rediscover solidarity


Among the various activities of Caminhos da Terra (Paths of Earth) CC in 2017, we can mention the connection between several peoples, with the project “Planet without Borders” (works already done in Brazil, Austria, Slovenia, Canada, among other countries), including works with native people.


Along the same lines, the Caminhos da Terra CC coordinator, Isabel Cristina Medeiros, participated in the Gorca Earth Care Meeting in Podlenick, Slovenia - a nongovernmental organization that aims at sustainability by developing awareness that "we are all one" through an experiential and intellectual "laboratory" where participants are challenged to test their ideas with a focus on social change, being sensitized to different understandings of global justice, wellbeing, and the culture of peace. Isabel conducted an activity at this meeting, where she talked about URI, played her drums and led a shamanic medicine wheel. “It was one of the most touching experience I’ve ever had”, said Isabel.


Interreligious Encounter for Harmony

On Saturday, February 10 at the initiative of Pastor Victor Rey, member of the Spiritual CC Forum of Santiago for Peace and who is currently in the process of creating the URI Circle in Quito-Ecuador, he led an Interreligious Meeting for Harmony, in which 20 people participated in the New Life Camp in La Merced, Quito. The people who participated in that meeting came from different strands of Christianity, the Bahá'í Faith, the Muslim and the Quichua people. In the meeting, the central theme was about the life in harmony of the different confessions and spiritual traditions, songs, meals, games and laughter were shared. The experience was very rich and expectations were generated to get back together regularly and the Nueva Vida Foundation, which is very central in the city of Quito, was chosen as a place for future meetings. We appreciate the materials sent to us by the Regional Coordination Office of URI AL & C and the motivating emails to promote this activity. Attached photos of the meeting.

With a harmonious and peaceful hug.

Víctor Rey


URI Brazil MCC: connecting nature to the heart

By Deivid Gomes

A very beautiful meeting named “The Planet is Sacred and Wants Peace”, focused on fostering initiatives and actions in defense of our sacred home, the planet Earth, was held by the URI Brazil MCC, together with the House of United Religions (composed by 3 Brazilian CCs and other organizations) in October of 2017 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
One of the ideas behind the meeting was the mission of promoting peace among all living beings: humans, animals and plants, connected within the heart of our beloved planet, our Mother Earth, a living being from which all creatures are small cells and therefore all need to live in harmony with one another to carry out the great work of the existence.
In this story we want to share how connected this meeting was with the heart of nature and with environmental affairs (the full report can be found here). The meeting location was the Itapuã Leaders Training Center, a big property full of trees and inspiring places, located on Itapuã Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Brazil.

“Reconciliation with Nature” was one of the there main axes of the meeting: working with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as a basis for cooperation among religious traditions.

On October 26th, 2017, one of the highlights of the Opening Ceremony was “The Entrance of the Four Elements of Nature”, a beautiful rite led by a group of young people.

Many of the lectures and cultural presentations had environmental affairs as main theme. Each day of the event started with a ceremony for the pacification of one element of nature.
October 27th: Pacification of the Air Element. Guided by the shaman Alice Gress, from MIR CC – Rio de Janeiro, a native practice circulating the oldest tree of the property, connecting participants with the indigenous wisdom, involved by the sound of the shamanic drum.

October 28th: Pacification of the Earth Element. In the gardens of the property, the Global Council Trustee Salette Aquino led a circle of representatives of the spiritual and religious traditions of the sacred books, all participants with the feet firmly grounded on Mother Earth.
October 29th: Pacification of the Water Element. Led by Marly Pedra, Ana Santos, Célia Palma, Sueli Soares and Andréa Elias, from Fé Menina CC, establishing connection with the sacred in the feminine principle expressed in the waters of the ocean.

Another very beautiful moment was the Meditation and Contemplation of the Stars. Under a beautiful starry sky, looking at the cosmos and meditating on how the depths of ourselves connects with the depths of the universe. It was followed by a practice for cooperation between all interfaith movements, led by Paulo Santos – UNISOES CC.

Participants left the meeting more aware and sensitive about environmental issues, full of ideas and action plans, feeling deeply connected with each other and with the planet, unified within the heart of Mother Earth.


Hello everyone!
It happened in Rio adding Harmony Week beyond previous emails,
Email 1, 2 and 3 - Day 20 - Reopening Ceremony of the Monumental Municipal Park of Outeiro da Gloria -

Day 21 - National Day of Struggle for Religious Freedom;

Praising the Queen of the Sea Yemanjá - Ceremony of Walk for the Waters;
 adding this event below ...

Plan for the Promotion of Religious Freedom!

The MIR has supported this initiative as well, and is followed by the testimony of Graças Nascimento.

These moments were recorded in the links below, as well as the rest of the videos & photos.

A harmonious embrace ...

Alice Gress - CC MIR -URI

Graças Nascimento - Coordinator of Mir

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
Dear People from the MIR-Parceiras Network.

No doubt these achievements characterize a work of Hercules. We have overcome all challenges.
Many and many have participated in this trajectory. We have been going through the management of 14 state secretaries of rio de janeiro since 2007. The present administration congratulates me for recognizing that the conquest only happened because all the previous administrations participated of this construction of the possible form, according to its marks of government.
On behalf of all the people who are today and those who have passed through GTIREL, I thank Cláudio Nascimento who (in the first moment) managed to add a group of determined people who are in the service of the cause.
I honor all the ancestors who enlightened, protected and gave encouragement to always move forward towards the purpose of continuing the process of building the right to religious freedom.
Now a new step: make the advice effective.
We go forward making the dream of many and many happen: Dignity and Respect to the right to BE of the human person.

Thanks Nascimento, Coordinator of MIR.



Hello everyone!

It happened in Rio adding the Harmony Week too, this event below.

The MIR has been supporting this initiative, with Graças Nascimento being

 also for the "Wheel of Conversations" that took place on February 2 at 10 am ..

These moments were recorded in the links below, as well as the rest of the videos & photos.

A harmonious embrace ...

Alice Gress - CC MIR -URI

Graças Nascimento - Coordinator of Mir

"6th Xire Praising the Queen of the Sea Yemonjá

On February 2, we held a political-cultural event for the celebration of the Yemonja deity, the touches of the Ketu, Jeje, Angola and Umbanda Nations, highlighting the Afro-Brazilian culture, through its popular expressions, customs, and traditions of a People. It happened in Pier 1, Barra da Tijuca, Amores Beach in Rio de Janeiro in the Monument to Iemonja Queen of the sea.


"6º Xire Louvando a Rainha do mar Yemonjá


No dia 2 de fevereiro tivemos a realização de um evento político-cultural, para a celebração da divindade Yemonja, aos toques      das Nações Ketu, Jeje, Angola e Umbanda, valorizando a cultura Afro-brasileira, através de suas expressões populares, dos costumes, e tradições de um Povo. Aconteceu no Pier 1, Barra da Tijuca, Praia dos Amores no Rio de Janeiro no Monumento a Iemonja Rainha do mar.

     Esta foi uma ação que também contribuiu no combate a intolerância religiosa e na luta pelo respeito. A depredação da imagem de Iemonja em 2012, aponta para urgência de ações, que em parceria com os órgãos públicos e a sociedade organizada, estabeleçam políticas efetivas ao combate a intolerância religiosa e ao racismo.
Todos na Luta por respeito! Pela Nacionalização do Dia de Iemonja!


Ogan Israel Evangelista - Coordenador Ofarerê Movimento Afro Religioso RJ - CENARAB/CONEN”.



Quinta 1 fev.
15h Caminhada pelas águas
Saída a pé do Centro Nova Cumig em direção ao Pier 1 da Barra.
21h Vigília em acampamento no Pier da Barra

Sexta 2 fev.
8h Café da manhã no Ile Omo Ejá
Carreata partindo da rua Porto Carrero, 350, próximo à estação de Cordovil.
10h Roda de Conversa com o tema “Conservando o lar da Rainha do Mar”
Participantes: Projeto Eku Abo de Educação Ambiental, Athamis Bárbara (Centro Nowa Cumig), Christiane Aires (ambientalista), apresentação do Projeto Senhores dos Mares. Leitura da carta do ano, segundo Ifa, na tradição cubana.
14h Xirê em louvor à Rainha do Mar (Ketu, Jeje, Angola e Umbanda) Ogan Xambá
16h Entrega das águas ao mar
17h Entrega dos balaios de Yemonjá em alto mar.
Confraternização, cantos e danças Ojinxé, Afoxé Omo Ifá e Raízes da Verdade 




Participação do Centro Nowa Cumig de Tradições Nativas do Rio de Janeiro 

Cerimônia de Caminhada pelas Águas


O Centro Nowa Cumig de Tradições Nativas se juntou ao povo de Yemanjá para celebrar a Rainha do Mar em seu dia, 2 de fevereiro.

Seguindo uma antiga tradição da nação Anishnabe, um dos povos originários da América do Norte, os membros do Centro Nowa Cumig e sua orientadora espiritual, Athamis Bárbara, saíram em caminhada da sede do Centro, no Cosme Velho, até o Pier da Barra, levando águas limpas de rio, de cachoeira, de chuva, de nascente. Após a noite de 1 de fevereiro, passada em vigília e oração, essas águas foram ofertadas ao mar em ritual.

A sobrevivência dos povos originários das Américas depende da continuidade de suas culturas, que são inseparáveis da preservação do meio-ambiente. A terra e as águas são o alimento para o corpo e também a ligação espiritual com tudo o que é sagrado.

O Brasil é cobiçado pela grande oferta de água e minérios que existem sob a terra, sob as suas florestas. O descaso e a exploração desmedida das riquezas do Brasil estão levando ao sofrimento. E não devemos pensar que esta questão não nos diz respeito porque moramos na cidade. As águas que banham a nossa cidade também estão doentes, contaminadas por lixo e esgoto.

Os seres humanos, a fauna e a flora são sagrados, como são sagradas as fontes de vida. As águas são sagradas. Nascemos das águas.

Convidamos todos os que zelam pela nossa sobrevivência a se juntar ao Centro Nowa Cumig nessa ideia em defesa das nossas águas.

Água é vida!




A 22 de março de 1992 a ONU (Organização das Nações Unidas) instituiu o "Dia Mundial da Água", publicando um documento com o titulo -  
Declaração Universal dos Direitos da Água.
1º A água faz parte do patrimônio do planeta. Cada continente, cada povo, cada região, cada cidade, cada cidadão é plenamente responsável aos olhos de todos.
2º A água é a seiva do nosso planeta. Ela é condição essencial de vida de todo o ser vegetal, animal ou humano. Sem ela não poderíamos conceber como são a atmosfera, o clima, a vegetação, a cultura ou a agricultura.  O direito à água é um dos direitos fundamentais do ser humano: o direito à vida, tal qual é estipulado no artº 30º da Declaração Universal dos Direitos Humanos.
3º Os recursos naturais de transformação da água em água potável são lentos, frágeis e muito limitados.  Assim sendo a água deve ser utilizada com racionalidade, preocupação e parcimônia.

4º O equilíbrio e o futuro do nosso planeta dependem da preservação da água e dos seus ciclos. Estes devem permanecer intatos e funcionando normalmente, para garantir a continuidade da vida sobre a Terra. Este equilíbrio depende, em particular, da preservação dos mares e oceanos por onde os ciclos começam.

5º A água não é somente uma herança dos nossos predecessores, ela é sobretudo um empréstimo aos nossos sucessores. A sua proteção constitui uma necessidade vital, assim como uma obrigação moral do Homem para as gerações presentes e futuras.

6º A água não é uma doação gratuita da natureza, tem um valor econômico: é preciso saber que ela é, algumas vezes, rara e dispendiosa e que pode muito bem escassear em qualquer região do mundo.

7º A água não deve ser desperdiçada, nem poluída, nem envenenada. Da maneira geral, a sua utilização deve ser feita com consciência e discernimento, para que não se chegue a uma situação de esgotamento ou de deterioração de qualidade das reservas atualmente disponíveis.

8º A utilização da água implica o respeito da lei. A sua proteção constitui uma obrigação jurídica para todo o homem ou o grupo social que a utiliza. Esta questão não deve ser ignorada nem pelo Homem nem pelo Estado.

9º A gestão da água impõe um equilíbrio entre os imperativos da sua proteção e as necessidades de ordem econômica, sanitária e social.

10º O planeamento da gestão da água deve levar em conta a solidariedade e o consenso em função da sua distribuição desigual sobre a Terra.






· Vídeo do candomblé de benção para a agua – Ogan Xanba e Israel Evangelista  (Ofarefe)

· vídeo palestra  Athamis Bárbara

· vídeo palestra Graças Nascimento

· vídeo palestra ambientalista

· vídeo Tatá Edson sobre a nacionalização do Dia de Yemanjá

· vídeo Grupo Afoxé Ómó Ifá toca em homenagem à Iemanjá.




Interreligious prayer for peace and harmony in Venezuela

On February 5, members of the Circle of Cooperation for Dialogue met to hold an Interreligious Prayer for peace and harmony in Venezuela, as part of the celebration of the Week of Interreligious Harmony.

People of different religions and spiritual traditions met in Caracas, among which were practitioners of the Bahá'í Faith, Brahma Kumaris, Catholics, Buddhists, DEEKSHA Giver, Hinduists, Yoga and different Healers from different Reiki schools to share exchange prayers and spiritual practices. Very appropriate moment because our country, Venezuela needs a lot of peace, healing and light.

After sharing prayers, healings, meditations and chanting of mantras, it culminated with a snack and the writing of intentions for the country and the planet, which we share below:
Esperanza Ostos: "Align the frequencies with the original source of light and the truth of hope".

Violetta: "What the protective angel generated for Venezuela has been nourished by every thought word and work of love, trust, harmony and peace. May compassion, forgiveness, justice and equanimity be a value to share."

Rafael Punoy: "Compassion, joy, love be with all beings without borders."

Gustavo Colmenares: "She is impeccable with your words because she has strength and can not distinguish the good from the bad."

Iraida Falcón Cabral: "Luminous Venezuela, Venezuela in brotherhood, all stalls celebrating land of grace and unity. All the peoples building a new era of love and peace are Venezuela, home of humanity."

Baha'u'llah: "Oh God, let the light of unity envelop the whole Earth and that the seal of the Kingdom of God can be stamped on the forehead of each and every one of its peoples."

Guecl Uconia: "United in prayer for the peace of Venezuela connected with the divine light to guide it towards the path of freedom, prosperity, love and understanding among all the inhabitants of this earth, Amen."

Auroa Rabbi: "Om Shanti: I am light, I am love, I am Peace. We are all Venezuela. Brahrma Kumaris."

Orlando: "Let peace be established in Venezuela, may all beings do good. Venezuela has a destination."

Raquel López: "For the power of presence:" I Am ", I give infinite thanks for this beautiful opportunity and meet such special beings" I Am."

Liliana Ostosa: "Try to mutate energy Venezuela. Register akachina of Venezuela. Purification and cleaning of Venezuela. Meditation and visualize prayer for each of the Venezuelans and the rulers. Forgiveness and grateful purification."

Rev. Marina Shin Ji Tirado

Coordinator of the CC for Dialogue


Thanksgiving Ceremony

The Descendants of Guatemaya CC

On Monday, February 13, 2018, as an event to celebrate the Interreligious Harmony Week, approximately 25 people gathered for a Ceremony of Gratitude for the good fortune that Mother Earth has given us. The ceremony began at 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. A sacred fire was performed, permission was requested from the four directions, offerings were given to the grandfather Fuego, dances and lunch were shared with brothers who attended from the Guatemalan capital to Sololá, department where our Circle of Cooperation Los Descendientes de Guatemaya is located.


Paradura del Niño in the Week of Interreligious Harmony

Quinaroes CC, Lagunillas-estado Mérida


In these Andean lands, they usually celebrate until the first week of February what we call the parade of the child Jesus. It is a style to invite friends, neighbors, children, adults and everyone known to share a moment of music, prayer and petitions, the image of the child Jesus is taken, although the children also dress and simulate all the family of Jusus of Nazareth. Here the interaction with indigenous and Catholic people is mixed. From the sharing of food we have learned that we are happier in giving than in receiving, we are also accompanied by people who do not feel attracted according to them by any of the religions but that the goodness of heart speaks with the actions they have towards the rest of The humanity. Well this is how this week is so important because one of the important cycles is closed as is the birth of the

Child God, that being that in a moment wanted us to unite with his actions and from the Love, seeing the kindness of the people. What leaves us to reflect that we must follow his example, see through the eyes of Love, share and continue working, despite the difficult moments we only have peace and harmony if we continue to plant good, doing the job of being better first we to share the well-being with our fellowmen. That through communication and sharing we achieved more than we could think.


On February 24, 2018 in the city of Campinas - Brazil, the city government together with CC Campinas are promoting a forum for the culture of peace. As a Circle of Cooperation of URI we are coordinating the interreligious part. We will have a great participation of all the religious and spiritual traditions in talks and artistic presentations connected to each tradition. We will have the presence of Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Gandhi. Arun will give the keynote address and will also feature the participation of a very famous actor from Brazil.


Save the Date - 15 March 2018

URI’s annual event is a perfect way to deepen your understanding of URI, and introduce your friends and colleagues to our global grassroots network. 2018 also marks the 15th anniversary of the Circles of Light gala, an occasion to celebrate URI and the ways in which the network is able to combine interfaith bridge building with humanitarian action to address causes of conflict.

Ritz Carlton Hotel San Francisco
Reception: 6:00 pm | Dinner: 7:00pm
Cocktail or Festive Attire


World Interfaith Harmony Week has begun and we are signing the Proclamation Letter THE PLANET IS SACRED AND WANTS PEACE! Join us and spread the word.


"The International Week of Interreligious Harmony pursues the dissemination of the message of harmony, tolerance and recognition among the followers of all religions, creeds and ways of thinking"


Dear Brothers


I want to invite you to celebrate the Week of Interreligious Harmony, with prayers and songs among all the religions and spiritualities that make up the Circle of Cooperation for the Dialogue of Caracas URI AL & C and I will also be inviting new people to continue growing.


For this reason we wanted to make a collaborative snack on Monday February 5 at 2:30 pm in my house that there is security because it is a closed area and there is no problem with their vehicles.


We need you to confirm your attendance and how many people come, for safety reasons I must inform the list in the monitoring of the Urbanization.


Everyone collaborates with something for the snack.




Street B1 Qta Marina

Urb. Caurimare next to the Colegio Caurimare UNO

Tel 9865942


My cell phone is 04166082625/04242759559