Noticias de URIALC

Humanitarian aid from the Community of Spiritual and Ecological Reflection (CREE) for Venezuelan emigrants, Quito- Ecuador

On Wednesday, July 11, members and some friends of the CREE, prepared a hundred bags with food and personal hygiene supplies to deliver to the emigrant brothers who are sleeping outside in the Quito bus terminal. They have identified themselves as brothers from Venezuela who are fleeing from the humanitarian crisis that the country is currently suffering.

The plight of the Venezuelan brothers is affecting the daily life of the brotherly countries in different ways, as many of the migrants who travel with few resources crowd the bus terminals, in many cases they do not have the minimum to feed on the journey of travel so many brothers of CREE decided to come together and provide help with food and cleaning supplies to those who need it most.


Church and Migration

On Friday, July 13, 2018 at 6:15 p.m., a Colloquium entitled "Church and Migration" will be held. Víctor Rey, who is a member of the CC Spiritual Forum of Santiago, representative of the Mennonite Church of Quito, participated in the conversation. This event seeks to provide answers to a problem that Quiteños are experiencing almost daily. In recent months, the number of Venezuelan emigrants is lost sight of. Citizens who escape the humanitarian crisis they are suffering in their country, (due to lack of food, medicines and repression from the government) arrive at the international bus terminal in Quito, either because they stay in that city or because they are still traveling to other neighboring countries in the region. The discussion then arises of how to help the Venezuelan diaspora who are being victims of the dictatorship in their country?


Great Fair of Culture Communities in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cosmic Community CC and Indigenous Peoples of Argentina CC

On July 13, 14 and 15, 2018 there will be the Great Fair of Culture Communities in which you can enjoy samples of regional and global cuisine. Games and live shows for children and young people will also take place at the fair. You can also enjoy a sample of handicrafts in which representatives of the CCs Indigenous Peoples of Argentina and Cosmic Community will be present.


Commemorating Mandela

United Missions CC

By Adriana Reyes

July 18 is a day to remember and re-create in Argentina. They are 24 years of impunity in the face of the AMIA bombing, the biggest act of international terrorism in the history of the country, for which justice is still demanded. It also commemorates 100 years of the birth of Nelson Mandela, one of the most recognized spiritual leaders that has given human society. His example of humility, strength, resilience and equanimity are a source of inspiration for all. In his honor is created on this date the "Mandela Day", a day for the service and the realization of constructive actions. Within the framework of this celebration, our former Global Counselor, Ciro Gabril Avruj, representative of the CC Misiones Unidas, participated in the commemoration of this day in the city of Buenos Aires, reminding us of resilience as a way of reinventing ourselves before adversities.


Remembering Nelson Mandela

CC for the Dialogue, Venezuela

By Adriana Reyes

On Wednesday July 18, 2018 at the Community Center of Caracas, at the Marqués, within the framework of Nelson Mandelas World Day, the documentary "The Life of Nelson Mandela" was screened. Next, a forum was held entitled Presence of Nelson Mandela in Venezuela in 2018, in which the panelists were: Frank Bracho-Diplomat, Robiro Terán, representative of the Venezuelan Pena Forum, Lorenzo González of Simón Bolívar University, Elías Santana, representative of the School of Citizens and as Moderator: Marina Tirado, representative of the CC for Dialogue and staff of Community Radio. The event sought to enhance the figure of Nelson Mandela as a global symbol of the defense of human rights in the socio-political context and humanitarian crisis that Venezuela currently faces.


Meeting of the Christian Network of Integral Transformation and Sustainable Development

CC Spiritual Forum of Santiago

By Adriana Reyes

On July 19, 2018, the meeting of the Christian Network of Integral Transformation and Sustainable Development was held at the Hotel Río Amazonas in the city of Quito. Víctor Rey, a member of the CC Spiritual Forum of Santiago, who is based in Quito, will soon formalize the affiliation of a new CREE CC in Ecuador.

In the Meeting of the Christian Network of Integral Transformation and Sustainable Development, a special prayer time was dedicated for the social, economic and political situation of Nicaragua and Venezuela. As members of URI AL & C we are very committed to the help we can give to the Venezuelan brothers who are moving from their country because of the humanitarian crisis they are suffering and now, unfortunately, the critical situation in Nicaragua is added. At the moment we raise our prayers because peace returns to those sister countries and human rights are respected.



CC School of Love, Argentina

The Concert for Peace was organized by the Argentine Judeo-Christian Confraternity on Tuesday, July 10 at 7:00 p.m. Jews, Muslims and Christians gathered at the Temple of Liberty, the oldest in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to reaffirm the peaceful coexistence of the religious diversity that makes up the rich Argentine culture.

To start leaders of different creeds of CC School of Love together with others, they raised their intentions so that this peace transcends in time and space and extends to the world. From URI AL & C led the prayer, Rabbi Sergio Bergman homeowner and Minister of the Environment, Rabbi Arieh Sztokman and Nancy Falcon representing the Muslim community.

Next came the Crianca Cidada Symphony Orchestra, which is composed of children rescued from the streets, delinquency and abuses in a dangerous Recife neighborhood in Brazil. Today they make up an educational complex and an orchestra of excellence, recognized by several private and governmental organizations, including by UNESCO. The orchestra played in several theaters around the world, as they did in the Vatican. It was touching to see how these very disadvantaged kids managed to fulfill their dreams and can be an inspiration for others, including everyone present that night.