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The First Mesoamerican Youth Encounter "AWAKENING THE AWARENESS OF LEADERSHIP FOR PEACE" of the United Religions Initiative (URI) for Latin America and the Caribbean was organized by the Regional Coordination and the Global Office with the collaboration of the Circle of Cooperation The Descendants of Guatemaya.

The vision of the Encounter "AWAKENING AWARENESS OF LEADERSHIP FOR PEACE" was to develop a dynamic agenda aimed at appreciating unity in diversity and training as cells that inspire each other, are accompanied and supported. The 'Circles of Cooperation' are one in the diversity of local actions whose common denominator is the sowing of peace in the world.

The Caserío Vasconcelos of the department of Sololá, Guatemala, where the members of the CC Los Descendientes de Guatemaya reside, was chosen as the venue for the meeting.

The Meeting was attended by members of four (04) CCs, from Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador y Panamá.


  • CC Cosmic Community: Francisco Morales-Facilitator

  • CC The Descendants of Guatemaya- CC Host
  • CC of Confederation of Ajqijab Main Councils Originating from the Mayab People
  • CC Apem

El Salvador:
  • CC Kuxkatan

  • CC Mukua

The Director of Global Programs of URI was also present: Alice Swett (USA), who together with the Regional Coordinator Enoé Texier arrived in Guatemala City to hold work meetings for four days that would allow them to get to know each other, share the successful work experiences that each CC develops in its locality and together define the activities. There were a total of twenty participants.


Dear friends- brothers:

Good Morning. As every year our Organization and the Circle of the Indigenous Peoples of Argentina carry out this activity in conjunction with the Christian Association of Youth of the City of Buenos Aires, this meeting strengthens the Dialogue with Religions and helps to achieve greater understanding between different Cultures and Religions

For us it will be an honor to be able to count on your presence.

Greetings and have a nice day.

Rosalía Gutiérrez
President of CEPNA and Contact of the CCs. Indigenous Peoples of Argentina.
Celu. 116351107

Francisco Morales
Contact of the CCs. Cosmic Community
Indigenous Writers.