Noticias de URIALC


Interreligious radio program, For Dialogue CC

On February 7, 2018, a radio program Hoy Exactamente Ahora was carried out, transmitted by on Interreligious Harmony, conducted by the Marina Tirado Buddhist Nun, with the participation of some of the members of the CC for the Dialogue from Caracas. The main theme was to recognize the imperative need for dialogue between different religions and to improve mutual understanding, harmony and cooperation among people.


Interreligious Conversation, CC Quinaroes-Venezuela

Last Thursday, February 7, 5 to 7pm in Lagunillas, an interreligious discussion was held on the importance of harmony and the unity of all human beings. They worked together to understand the concepts of: tolerance, respect, unity in diversity and human rights. This conversation was held with the young leaders in training, who in their spare time, are preparing themselves in the development of biodegradable soaps, in addition to studying a degree in Biology and Chemistry at the illustrious University of Los Andes in Trujillo.


Reflexive conversation, CC of the indigenous peoples of Argentina, CC Cosmic Community and CC Qewña

In the city of Buenos Aires, the CCs Indigenous Peoples of Argentina, Cosmic Community and Qewña participated in a reflective discussion on the Week of Interreligious Harmony on Saturday, February 2, between 1 and 5 pm.

Mother Earth, Pachamama, inspires the world to work for HARMONY and UNDERSTANDING, among religions. The Indigenous Peoples of the world have learned from Mother Earth to live in Peace and Harmony with ourselves, with the cosmos, with all living beings (animals, stones, rivers, ...), with the spirits of our ancestors , who guide us and motivate us every day to dialogue with all our diversity brothers.

I urge all religions to understand our way of seeing, thinking and living in the world, we do not want to impose this form only to allow ourselves to be what we have always learned from our Mother Earth, from Rivers, from Birds.

May the week of Interconfessional Harmony help reflect that Indigenous Peoples have different ways of understanding the world, we do not want to overwhelm or impose our thinking, we only want to live as we understand the world, discrimination and intolerance sick our beings.


A meeting of Communities, CC Latin American Musicians, Mexico

Activities of movement, music and emotional exploration for spiritual work and emotional balance. Directed to the general public, in Mexico City on February 2, 2019 this beautiful activity was carried out with children and young people.

We have a community ecumenical maneuver for the beginning of March with the same harmonious intention of solidarity and humanity.


Interreligious Meeting, CC Mukua-Panama

On February 3 members of CC Mukua participated in the meeting "Peace between brothers". The Evangelical Church of God invited CC Mukua to make known their Kuna worldview.

Fany González was in charge of sharing her experience on interreligious and intercultural dialogue from her worldview. The most important of this experience was the establishment of an interreligious dialogue for peace and the cultivation of friendship between brothers of different religions.


Interreligious prayer for migrants, CC Femas- El Salvador

Members of the CC Femas met in San Salvador on February 7 to hold an interreligious prayer for migrants, asking for peace in the world and specifically in Latin America so that the homicides stop and that the brothers do not have to migrate from their countries and they are respected their human rights in each country.


Visit to a prison, CC Builders of Bridges- Argentina

The members of the CC Builders of Bridges in Argentina visited the prison in El Chaco to create bridges of friendship and social reintegration through interreligious and intercultural dialogue. This activity was held on February 4, 2018.


Interreligious Meditation, CC for the Dialogue-Venezuela

Interreligious Meditation Sangha of Tibetan Buddhism of Lineage Drikung Kaiyo Venezuela and Zen Soto to ask for the Freedom of the Venezuelan people and the cessation of the Dictatorship and respect for Human Rights. This meditation was held on Saturday, February 10, 2-4pm.


Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue, CC Meipi-Bolivia

Members of the CC Meipi met on February 10, at the Nest of Peace Healing Center, located in the desert on the shore of Lake Titicaca to perform spiritual healing therapies in the chapels of purification, conversion, confirmation and celebration in the framework of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue in the Week of Interreligious Harmony.